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Get row-col value from dynamically populated grid widget and pass it as a input to another service?


Get row-col value from dynamically populated grid widget and pass it as a input to another service?


I have an asset that has several properties (image1)







managedDevices is a infotable containing several other values.



What I am doing is populating several labels and a grid within my mashup using a service (MyAsset is a parameter that allows me to dynamically load different assets):


var result = Things[MyAsset].GetPropertyValues();



So I have something like (image2)


This works, now I want to extract the selected row-col value from that grid and pass this value as a parameter to navigation input so I can navigate to other Mashup when I double click a row of the grid.


I have two columns in the grid (image3) 




I want to extract the lookupId value of the selected row


One idea I tried to implement was to call a service when double clicking the row (image4)

and after the service call ends I execute the navigation passing the parameter I need from the result of service call. But I had no success




I would expect to solve this setting the corresponding DataShape to the grid widget but I don't know how to do it, and also don't know if that will facilitate the binding the selected row-col value possibility



Could you please suggest how to solve this?






I have tried several approaches but still no success, this is the closest way and I think I almost solve it:


I defined a one field datashape (image 1 )


I am populating the grid using a direct service (not via the properties of the  script I shared)

instead of getting properties like:

var result = Things[MyAsset].GetPropertyValues();


I am using this:

//I tried this but datashape was not getting the values so I tried define a infotable without a data shape and force the datashape to be the one I defined

var managedDevices = Things[selectedThing].managedDevices;


var params = {
   infoTableName: undefined /* STRING */

// result: INFOTABLE
var result = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTable(params);
result.AddField({name: "name", baseType: "STRING"});

var tableLength = managedDevices.rows.length;
for (var x=0; x < tableLength; x++) {
  var row = managedDevices.rows[x];
  // add data row
      name : row.lookupId


This returns an infotable with the correct datashape:


So far so good:

I am binding Returned Data -> All data to my grid and this works fine

Problem comes when binding the Selected Rows-> name 


I first tried to bind this to a label to see if I can extract the selected row value, but label does not change its value.


Then I thought the problem should occur because there is no event that updates the label value so I created a service that is called when double clicking

the row like:


var result = name;


I am passing the parameter "name" from selected row service:





When I click on a row from grid I call a service (the parameter comes from my populate grid service selected rows name field from datashape)

I am binding the result of this servide to label value to extract the grid column value, but I get undefined value

I don't know what I am doing wrong, I think I almost solve this...


Could you please help me?




I defined a Datashape with only one column 

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