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INFO - Transitioning Databinding, slowdown with nested infotables.


INFO - Transitioning Databinding, slowdown with nested infotables.



I've got a parent mashup that is pulling in a three level nested infotable and sending it to contained repeaters. It uses repeaters and mashup parameters to feed the data between the parent and child mashups.


For some reason when I populate the data, it pops up very quickly initially. Then the data blinks and takes a moment to appear again. In the error log, it is giving INFO messages about transitioning databindings for all the lowest level data. So the data loads initially completely fine, then some kind of databinding takes place causing it to disappear for a moment then reappear with no change to the data.


I've tried changing input/outputs and changing around my datashapes, I can't seen to figure out why it's doing this. I want this to load as fast as possible so I'm trying to get more info on this INFO message:


Error message is:
16:31:58 INFO - Transitioning DataBinding SourceProperty "RowData" and SubProperty "Process_Order" to "RowData.Process_Order"


I am getting a LOT of these INFO messages, so it takes a few seconds for the page to blink and reload.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




That message is just binding conversion. If you open your browser dev tools (f12 in Chrome), can you record your performance/save the har file to see what time each request takes? Maybe that would help us pinpoint where the slowness is coming from. 

Also it would be good to see your binding diagram in the mashup to check if there is a possiblity of any race conditions created.

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Hi @rrosenlof.


If you have found a solution to your issue, please feel free to post it here and mark it as the Accepted Solution for the benefit of others on the Community.





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