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Migrate data from Neo4J to Postgres DB


Migrate data from Neo4J to Postgres DB

Hi Team,

One of our project module is working on Neo database (Project 1.0), while a new track(Project 2.0) is working on Postgres database.So, is there any inbuilt service exposed by Thingworx which can help us migrate data from Neo to PostGres database , If not what is the best practice for data migration?

Current method followed to migrate(Operation failed):

  1. Export from Project 1.0 -> Puts a folder in CP 1.1 SystemRepository
  2. Connect to Project 1.0  repository using WinSCP and get the folder to our local system
  3. Connect to Project 2.0 SystemRepository using Winscp and upload the folder from local system
  4. Now from TW composer, import data file option -> import data from repository -> Enter the folder name -> Click Import.This operation failed and same appeared in the ApplicationLogs as well.

Thanks in Advance.


Please consider the below cases,

  •        Migration of two particular data tables only
  •        Migration of all the data

Rdhakrishnan, did you do an export to ThingworxStorage? You should have the export under ThingworxStorage/ exports once it is completed successfully. As long as you have your Extensions imported (in the new server) before importing your this, it should import correctly.

With that being said, please do post the Application log from the server where it is erroring out.

Hi Aanjan Ravi,

I am not exporting to ThingworxStorage and as i have mentioned earlier, i am exporting data to file(folder) in thingworx FileRepository options under SystemRepository. Also i noticed that in case of export to thingworx storage, there are no options to choose any particular data tables.

Please find below the error received importing the data(Data includes a single table data only) from TW 6.6.0 Neo4j SystemRepository folder(which got saved in local system) to TW 7.1.0 (file copied from local system to target system SystemRepository before choosing the import options).

Task-1477377626222 Failed to import file [/ThingworxStorage/repository/SystemRepository/ValidationErrorTableTest/20161024065242/DataTables/ValidationErrorTable/data-0.twx] : Key field [ErrorCode] had no value

Task-1477377626222 Import issue with DataTable ValidationErrorTable: Key field [ErrorCode] had no value

Task-1477377626222 Import FAILED for entity [ValidationErrorTable] File:[data-0.twx]. Data imported : [0 rows]. Path to file [/ThingworxStorage/repository/SystemRepository/ValidationErrorTableTest/20161024065242/DataTables/ValidationErrorTable/data-0.twx] Failure Reason : Error: . Key field [ErrorCode] had no value.

Anybody got solution to this?

Rdhakrishnan, any chance a row or two has blank/ null values for the ErrorCode column in your DataTable?