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ThingWorx 8.2 Available for Download


ThingWorx 8.2 Available for Download

Key Functional Highlights

ThingWorx 8.2 covers the following areas of the product portfolio:  ThingWorx Analytics, ThingWorx Utilities, and ThingWorx Foundation which includes Connection Server and Edge capabilities.

Highlights of the release include:

ThingWorx Foundation

  • Next Generation Composer:
    • Fewer clicks with new navigation
    • Full Import support for Entities & Extensions
    • New editor for Projects to manage entities
    • Editing of localization tables, style/state definitions, networks, masters, gadgets, menus, persistence providers, authenticators
    • Additional capability in SQL Services, Remote properties, Duplicate, Logout pages and more
  • Mashup Builder:
    • Collection widget which allows replication of mashups and content in flow and table layouts
    • CSS property on widgets for defining and binding style classes
    • CSS Editor now available in Mashup Builder which allows developers to create modern experiences with responsiveness, animations, advanced styling and behaviors
  • KEPServerEX/ ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
    • Added support for "Store and Forward" to the ThingWorx platform. The server can be configured to store updated property data to disk when disconnected from the ThingWorx platform and then send that data gracefully when the connection is re-established.
  • Protocol Adapter Toolkit:
    • Encrypted communication between edge devices and the Connector over MQTT and custom channels.
    • Encrypted communication between the Connector and ThingWorx using MQTT.
  • Licensing:
    • Activation ID is no longer a requirement to obtain a license.
      • § For disconnected scenarios, simply go to the enhanced PTC Support site pages, select the product, enter a Device ID, and retrieve a license.
      • § For connected scenarios, activation IDs are no longer required in the platform-settings.json file.
    • You can now easily upgrade without a new license file.

ThingWorx Analytics

  • New installation and deployment options for ThingWorx Analytics Server:
    • A native Windows installer has been added to the lineup of options available for the standalone server.  Standalone installation is now provided via a Docker installer tool (for either Windows or Linux environments) and via native (non-Docker) installer tools for both Windows and Linux.
    • A distributed installation of ThingWorx Analytics Server is now available via a Mesosphere Data Center/Operating System (DC/OS) cluster. The distributed installation enables ThingWorx Analytics to easily scale, and to support a highly available installation.
  • Improvements to Model Training and Evaluation:
    • New model evaluation parameters have been added to improve the model evaluation service.  The new parameters include industry standard evaluation techniques for both Boolean and Continuous goal variables.
    • Optional upsampling and downsampling strategies are available for training on Boolean goals in this release. These sampling strategies can be used to balance the true/false outcomes in a set of training data.
    • Please reference the ThingWorx Analytics Help Center for more information.

Java and C SDK and Connection Server

  • Configurable WebSocket Compression: Added configurable WebSocket compression for communications with the platform, enabling customers (especially those utilizing cellular or satellite connectivity) to send fewer bytes over the wire. Compression is enabled by default for the connection server.


Additional information


The following items will be available for download from the PTC Software Download site on February 5, 2018.