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ThingWorx tunneling via ssh terminates with error 700

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ThingWorx tunneling via ssh terminates with error 700

Hello guys,

I have a thingworx client on a gateway pulling data from several machines and sending them to thingworx composer. Next step is to add tunneling to this system. I setup everything, downloaded wsadapter.jnlp and run it. Connected to localhost:{port} via putty. Connection succeed, tough only thing I got was a black screen. I got back to thingworx composer and called GetTunnels method on tunnel subsystem. It says tunnel was establish however there was an error with code 700, which apparently means I exceeded max number of tasks. I searched online what those tasks might be, yet came out empty-handed. I only have 7-8 properties and about the same amount of services defined in my thingworx client. I did not specify any tasks to be run, at least not consciously

My thingworx client runs on a gateway. I am connected to this gateway's internet. Thingworx server runs on a cloud. I want to use tunneling from my computer. As a second scenario, I disconnected from gateway's internet connection and connected to a different wlan. Result is the same for both.

Following is my setup for tunneling:

MyThing implementing RemoteThingsWithTunnelsAndFileTransfer having a tunnel named tunnelSsh(configuration: Host =, port = 22, empty app uri. Rest is default)

On tunnel subsystem, IP address of thingworx server and port number(80) is set. This section should be okay since I am able to download an app via wsadapter.jnlp from there.

On my mashup, I have a remote access widget pointing to MyThing. It accepts self-signed certificates, uses tunnelSsh for tunneling and listens on port 9005.

Is there anything wrong with my configuration? What does this error 700 mean? Any help will be appreciated:)



Re: ThingWorx tunneling via ssh terminates with error 700

Here is the log from application running on gateway:

DEBUG c.t.c.c.t.t.TunnelManager - Starting tunnel monitor

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.TunnelManager - Starting tunnel with tid: e110ca8e-a50a-4b8e-a9c2-5534298980ef to

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.AppDataHandler - Connection from application app established. Attempting to open websocket to platform.

DEBUG c.t.c.c.t.t.Tunnel - Connected: true

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.Tunnel - Initialized new Tunnel [tunnel data such as ip address numConnections etc]

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.WebsocketInitializer - Building WebsocketInitializer with URI: {socketURI for tunnel}

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.WebsocketInitializer - Initializing channel for {socketURI for tunnel}

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.WebsocketInitializer - Finished initializing channel for {socketURI for tunnel}

DEBUG c.t.c.c.t.t.PlatformDataHandler - Platform websocket channel is connected. open: true

DEBUG i.n.h.c.h.w.WebSocketClientHandshaker13 - WebSocket version 13 client handshake key: 6K46q9QQHU3p2Zvrjp9U5w==, expected response: ZecfigNUgRC/sm8fN43RJCK+ctY=

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.PlatformDataHandler - Platform channel has been closed. Closing tunnel.

INFO  c.t.c.c.t.t.Tunnel - Tunnel close called.

Apparently, I can reach out to the application but something is blocking me from completing the tunnel.

Re: ThingWorx tunneling via ssh terminates with error 700

A little off-top: All Errors Codes can be found under the EDGE C-SDK Support site.

Here is the link to the 70X Error Codes: PTC