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Thingworx Demo Site Views


Thingworx Demo Site Views

Maybe someone can answer me a few quick questions.

Looking at the Thingworx Demo site's views it has what seems to be a responsive grid/window/menu like view with the links to different projects. This is re sizable to whatever shape/form etc view that I can only assume is on a static mashup? I say this because if you make it small enough it will give you a vertical scroll bar but not a horizontal scroll bar so how do you achieve this effect?

Then the other view is a "Carousel" type view that allows you to swipe along to the next one which if you inspect the source it appears to be a widget? Would this be a custom widget that isn't or once was available? I can't see any other way it could have been made without it being a custom made widget?


Scroll bars are usually added automatically as needed within ThingWorx. If the shape of some widget on a mashup should produce a scroll bar and doesn't, then that is likely a bug. I am not sure exactly what you are referencing here, though, so I can't speak with certainty on your issue

Hey Tori,

I'm referencing your own ThingWorx demo site, the horizontal bar never shows due to everything being resized correctly to keep it in the frame whereas the vertical bar will appear then those links are pushed further down the page etc.

So I am confused, what is the issue here? You want to force it to have a horizontal scroll bar?

This should clear things up with images.

This is a responsive mashup with a layout with images etc


As this is responsive no matter what size you resize the window to the images/layout will all resize etc to keep it within the window.

This is the static mashup with images but no layout as they cannot be applied to static mashups.


As you can see the scroll bars when you make the window smaller than the fixed image sizes as its not responsive etc.

Now here is the TW's demo site I was referring to that has a vertical scroll bar etc.


Now if i resize the window to make it smaller without releasing the resizer you'll see the images are reduced in size and thus responsive etc but once released the images are instead reordered in this grid to their original size and moved down the grid/vertical bar like so


but how are you able to push things down if

a. its a static mashup (as it wouldn't be a responsive layout, (which you can't add a layout to a static mashup) and in turn would give you a horizontal scroll bar as in picture 2 when the window was made smaller)


b. if its a responsive layout (as it wouldn't push things down it would just resize them as in picture 1)

In the other question I asked is talking about the carousel view (in the top right of the last 2 pictures) like so


is this simply a custom widget perhaps created with HTML or Javascript etc?

Oh, I see now. That mashup is not using a grid, but a repeater. Repeaters allow you to select Horizontal or Horizontal Wrap or Vertical for the options. Here is some KCS Documentation on repeaters. The carousel shown here is not standard to ThingWorx OOTB, and I don't see anything called the Carousel Extension on the Marketplace anywhere, so I can only assume that is custom. Please let me know your further questions.

Do you remember the user and password to access that demo mashup? It would be a great help from you. CC Tori Tielebein

Actually I've seen that Demo website before, the Demos inside that you can see, they have a responsive left Sidebar, and a Tree widget was put inside as a directory, and in the content part I believe some of them are made from Dashboard, as you can see there are small Gear icons.

But for the screenshots you provided, the menu page for those beautiful Demos that could be resized, I think that's not based on Thingworx entities, it might come from the effect of front-end design like PHP, you're looking at our website, and that might not be a Thingworx product.