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thingworx 9.1 Unstable


thingworx 9.1 Unstable


Is ThingWorx v9.1 stable? We installed 9.1 version and facing lot of issues. Frequently it says rest failure and the entities are getting missed. We developed lot of screens and suddenly the Things got deleted that we were using. Many Things and Mashups or other entities are getting deleted frequently. What is the root cause of this? Can we revert to version9.0? If we do so will it support the entities that were developed using 9.1? 

Please suggest how to procced. This is a high priority task for us as we are developing modules for production.


Thanks in adavnce,

Shalini V


Hello @svisveswaraiya 


Thank you for reaching out to PTC.


Can you please check couple of things

  1. Please check if there is enough space present on your server/system where ThingWorx is installed
  2. Please check if your ThingWorx license hasn't been expired
  3. Please share ThingWorx and Tomcat logs to look into this issue further


Toolika Dixit

Hi @svisveswaraiya,

BTW, have you tried cleaning the browser's cache?

I guess the error messages are not correctly printed because of that.

Hi @CharlesJi  / @tdixit ,

I checked all the information and it matches with the system requirement and also I cleared the cache but still TQW 9.1 doesnt seem to be stable. Is this version a stable one? Can we recommend this to the customer? If not which version of TW can we recommend to the customer?  


Thanks in advance,

Shalini V.



These issue could be related to few specific entities. Because i have not seen this kind of issues with any other customer yet who are using 9.1 version after upgrading or migrating.


I have 9.1 version up and running on my machine if you want me to test any specific thing let me know. I can try it for you. Do let me know in case of any question.