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tomcat and PostgreSQL couldn't restart in services


tomcat and PostgreSQL couldn't restart in services

tomcat and PostgreSQL  server couldn't  restart option show in services app , that restart not completed how to move next step of Thingworx installation..

pls consider and reply me....


Hi @veerasekar ,

We need more information about the issue.


What versions are used? what documentation did you follow? etc

Any logs?


You can report a support case as well.




Hi, Tomcat8.5 and PostgerSQL 9.5.22and Thingworx PostgreSQl 8-4-10, refer installation Document is PTC Thingworx Installtion Guide 8.4. in windows10 i couldn't seen in restart or stop or start option for services app.. doing installtion step do restart Tomcat and do restart PostgerSQL that time ,i couldn't do this step.. so pls consider me ..and reply sir.

[posted at the same time as response above]


Hi @veerasekar,


If this is a new installation, please make sure to follow the installation steps from our documentation for ThingWorx with PostgreSQL on Windows ?

At which step are you facing an issue ?

If my understanding is correct you are starting the Tomcat service and but it is shutting down. Are any ThingWorx logs getting created under <thingworx_home>/ThingworxStorage/logs ?
Please provide available Tomcat logs(<tomcat_home>/logs) and ThingWorx logs.


  1. Do these option appear if you right click the service?
  2. Does your Windows user have Administrator privileges?
  3. What happens if you start your Services app using "Run as Administrator" option?
  4. You could also try stopping & starting these services from command prompt using either 

net stop <service name>  and net start <service name>


sc stop <service name> and sc start <service name>




Hi all,

In Tomcat8.5.23 server running time,

i could use NET Stop Tomcat8 is working...After that I could Start NET start Tomact8 is Not work ..

in this condition i could n't restart Tomcat server...

any other method Is there..

please consider me.sir




Please share tomcat logs

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