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Can Navigate 1.5 be configured WITHOUT Single Sign On (SSO)?


Can Navigate 1.5 be configured WITHOUT Single Sign On (SSO)?



Has anyone successfully installed Navigate 1.5 without PingFederate SSO? All documentation I found includes the steps to configure PingFederate configuration for SSO.

As I am trying this on Dev server, I am trying to skip the SSO.


When I test the services on ptc-windchill-demo thing, I get the results. But when I access the apps that use the same service, no results are showing up.

I also tried the REST URL generated in Runtime Integration window when we use the app. That  gives the results when accessed in stand alone browser.


Does Navigate 1.5 without SSO?





Hello, Mahesh.

Per the ThingWorx Navigate Installation and Configuration Guide, PingFederate is supported but is not a requirement.

What kind of errors are the apps returning?

-- Craig A.


Hi Craig

PTC confirmed that SSO is required for multi user setup. I am able to access windchill using 'Fixed' authentication type where single user will be used for Windchill connection for all of the Thingworx users. Their recommendation is to bypass SSO only incase of Demo/PoCs. Otherwise, SSO with PingFederation is required.



Hi Mahesh

The install & config document only gives details for "Navigate with pingfederate SSO".  For "Fixed" authentication what are the values to be configured for the following in

Authentication Type  : Fixed  (instead of SSO)

Authorization Server ID  :  blank ??

Authorization Server Scopes  :  none ?? 

          (as per doc: Under Authorization Server Scopes Settings, type your scope in the Scope box. This is the WINDCHILL          SCOPE that you registered with Ping Federate)

HTTP Connector Connection Settings  :

username & password  -  Windchill login username & password ??

          (as per doc: Username and Password—Leave these boxes blank. The credentials are provided by your            OAuth  tokens)

Base URL : https://<Windchill Hostname>:Port/Windchill ??

         (as per doc : https://<Windchill Hostname>:Port/Windchill/oauth)

Appreciate any relevant info/documentation on configuring Navigate 1.5 without SSO




Hello Mahesh Yalavarthi and Madhavaraju Munuswamy,

To configure Navigate without SSO you need to:

1. Install, configure and run IntegrationRuntime.

2. Configure Integration Connector (default: ptc-windchill-integration-connector) - open the Configuration panel and set:

  • Authentication Type: Fixed
  • HTTP Connector Connection Settings - username, password, base URL.

3. Configure Integration Connector Proxy (default: ptc-windchill-integration-connector-proxy) - open the Configuration panel and set:

  • URL
  • Authentication Type: basic
  • username
  • password.

Then you should be able to connect to Windchill.

By the way - documentation of the process of Navigate 1.5 configuration is really, really poor. Above informations are there, but hidden behind a lot of other stuff what makes them really hard to find. In the previous versions of Navigate there was a section for Development environment configuration (without SSL, just trusted host). The same should be now, for 1.5.



Hi Madhavaraju Munuswamy

Jakub Kaczynski​ mentioned all the steps you need. One more is similar to 1.4. (I'm sure you might have done it already)

4. Go to ptc-windchill-demo-thing > Configuration

      Enter the base URL.

That should let you connect your apps.



Hi Mahesh, Jakub,

I could only find ptc-windchill-integration-connector

not able to locate


or "ptc-windchill-demo-thing"

am i missing some extension?

Thanks & Regards


Jakub KaczynskiMahesh Yalavarthi


Hi Mahesh, please refer to CS266412 article. It has detailed steps for Fixed user.

This configuration setup is only for POC / demo setup. Never to be used on prod.

In case if you still face the isue, feel free to crate a case with TS.


Harsh Selarka

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