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How do I start a Chalk session?


How do I start a Chalk session?

There are two ways to start a Chalk session:


- Start a session with anyone.

- Initiate a call with someone within your organization.


To start a session with anyone:


The Chalk Hosts feature allows users to make a Chalk call with another person without the need for registration and login. The feature is similar to the Webex model where the remote user receives a code to join a conference call.


An Expert can issue a one-time 9-digit Connect Code to authorize a session with a field technician in need of assistance. This maintains the anonymity of the Expert to ensure that they cannot be contacted outside of the session. The Field technician joins the Expert’s live session using the Connect Code without having to register as a user.


Host licenses eliminate the need for a second user to register or login and enable your organization to:


·Connect remote experts with customers, field technicians, or frontline workers using a one-time “Connect Code”

·Maintain anonymity of your experts to ensure they are not contacted outside of the session

·Make your in-house expertise more widely and immediately accessible – even to your customers


The Host feature requires a Host license. 


How it works:



USER A - host.png

User A clicks “Start Session” and either decides to share their view or see User B’s view, then issues a Connect Code to connect with User B by clicking the “Share” button.  User A can text or email the code to User B.



USER B - host.png

User B clicks “Join Session,” enters the 9-digit code, and joins the live session.  No login or registration is needed.


To initiate a call with someone within your organization:


To initiate a session with someone in your organization, click "Add a Contact" and "From Company Directory."  Locate the name of the person you want to reach.  Indicate whether you want to share your view or the contact's view.  Then Start Session.


Chalk company call.png


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