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3D eyewear button assets are improperly scaled in builds post


3D eyewear button assets are improperly scaled in builds post

In every build of studio after, the resource for the 3D button widgets has been weirdly scaled. 


The image is scaled to a fraction of the button, regardless of the scale of the button.


I have searched the properties of the buttons and there isn't a clear, editable property that can be changed to fix this. 


If I revert to build, the issue is corrected. 


Has anyone else seen this issue or found a fix?


Hello Aouellets,


  • Do you an example Project where the issue is reproducible and that's you can share with us, please ?

         I didn't see this issue yet.

         I would like to test it here at PTC to check if it is a bug or not.

         If I think it is a bug I will report that to R&D if it is a new problem.


         Thanks in advance for your help.


Best regards,


See the attached. 


It's a 3D-Press Button. 


Per the topic, if I open the button in they scale correctly. All subsequent builds have this issue. 

yes, there was a bug in that first release where the 3d press button was not working correctly and not iconising the image. I believe it is now fixed.  


toggle, checkbox and 3d press buttons will all iconise the images that are assigned.  3d image button will not; it will show the image at roughly full coverage - there is a small border. 

HI Alex

are you using the 3d Image button?

this button will show the image where it will fit the image to the button (with some border), retaining aspect ratio etc.


other buttons are using an 'icon' approach, so the assigned image will always be scaled to be an icon.

the text size and icon are fixed and intended to be independent of button size 


Please try the 3d image button. i think it should give you the functionality you need.


Hi Steve, 


It's a 3D Press Button. 


The issue does not appear on a 3D Image button, but given the number of buttons used in the overall experience, I'd rather not replace all of them if there's an imminent solution. 


Additionally, the proximity glow and overall feel of the 3D Press button is really nice and something we'd like to preserve if possible. 


If the issue is ongoing, I can always experiment with the 3D Image button and see how it turns out.

the 3d image button should work in exactly the same way (in terms of glow etc.) but it is designed to handle the image differently.


press button is really designed / intended for command buttons, hence the icon approach

3d image button is more intended to gallery type buttons, lists etc (there's a list widget coming along) where the primary display element is likely to be graphical e..g picture of a part ot something, as opposed to a textual command


so if you can, please give the 3d image button a try..


hopefully it wont affect ALL the buttons in the experience - as i say, command buttons are good for commands, image buttons are different  You can use different controls for different uses.  



email me if you want a hint as to how to edit these in bulk.