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Vuforia View crashes on ipad pro


Vuforia View crashes on ipad pro


As soon as I start a sequence in view the app crashes occasionally.
The behavior only occurs when it comes to a specific model. It does not on other models.

These are the last lines from the log file:

promiseReactionJob@[native code]
2021-06-11 08:54:33.815 ThingBrowser[ (I removed this part for publication) ] playStep name=model-1
libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type cvu::bad_variant_access: bad_variant_access

Ipad: Ipad Pro (11 inch, 3rd generation).
Vuforia View and Vuforia Studio are up to date.


i need a solution for a customer quickly please.



Hello Lucas,


It seems an issue specific to iOS and to a specific PVZ file.


I have some questions to have a better understaning :

  • Does the issue occur also in Vuforia View, in Android ?
  • Does any issues to play the Sequence is reported in Creo View for this pvz file ?


Here, the error message seems occured in a C++ library named libc+abi.

Previously, another crash in iOS with a different error message but in the same library has been reported to R&D.

More details in this article :


It was reported in Vuforia View 8.5.6 and corrected in next release in Vuforia View 8.5.7.


The error message cvu::bad_variant_access: bad_variant_access is unknow in PTC Technical Support database.



I suppose that this data cannot be shared in a public area as this forum.

So for a deeper analysis, I would recommend to open a case at Technical Support with the Project folder and the pvz file.


If the issue is reproducible in house at PTC (and I guess it will).

Investigation will focus on the Sequence made in Creo Illustrate. What are the effects applied in Creo Illustrate ..etc... ?

If the issue is reproducible and investigation about Sequence doesn't help to find a root cause, it will be needed to report that to R&D for a deeper analysis and I suppose a fix.


Of course, I cannot garantee that it will be fixed in next release as previously but it is the only solution we have to solve this problem.


Best regards,