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Access Control for experiences


Access Control for experiences

I am looking for a solution to control access to different experiences.

For example: a company has one experience service running, but using this in different teams. Each team should store the own experiences, but shouldn't see the experiences from the other teams.

Working only with Thingmarks isn't that secure and not a good solution for this.

It would be fine if Studio experiences provide access control like expert capture assets (simple and transparent).


Also a solution without any code in every experience would be useful.


What are your ways to handle these?


Thanks in advance for the replies.




(Presales) Senior Technical Consultant @ INNEO Solutions GmbH (Germany)

Good point, solution would be very appreciated.

Hello Marco,


In Vuforia Studio, we can setup an authentication for each Experience.

More details here :


This authentification allows connection from any user defined in ThingWorx.

It needs some Javascript in ThingWorx in a specific service code to check user is defined in a specific user group.

In Vuforia Studio side, check this Service to see if user is defined in a specific group to allow access or not.


A specific UI and call to this Javascript function to go outside Experience.


From my point of view, it is the easiest and simple solution today, to do that.


Best regards,


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