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Adding user to Thingworx from Vuforia Studio


Adding user to Thingworx from Vuforia Studio



Need your help in getting the below workflow :

1. User Opens Vuforia View experience

2. Asked for username > Enters username > This has to be written to a data table  in TWX


Any help here will be appreciated!!!





Hi @agangaiah ,

I think this should be possible using TWX service and may be it will be  the best option to implement the whole  service solution  in TWX e.g. here to perform the user request and to write the user to a table.

Regarding to the  first point how  to request the current user in Vuforia I did not check it detailed but I think we need to check the user  which was connected in the session to TWX. We can try to use the service GetCurrentUser  (Resource CurrentSessionInfo) e.g. in Vuforia Studio:



But when I tested it I am not quite sure if this is the real user which logged in the Vuforia View app or is the user what is used by  Experience Service to communicate with TWX because this was not updated (original I logged as admin user) when I used other user account.

Therefore I checked also the other service GetActiveUsers:


So this service will return a json list of all users e.g. of the test session:

[{"description":"Roland Raytchev","isConnected":true,"lastConnection":"2020-08-06T07:26:56.652Z","name":"rraytchev","_isSelected":true},{"description":"","isConnected":true,"lastConnection":"2020-08-06T07:27:50.806Z","name":"ptc"},{"description":"Roland Raytchev","isConnected":true,"lastConnection":"2020-08-06T07:46:22.648Z","name":"rraytchev"},{"description":"","isConnected":true,"lastConnection":"2020-08-06T07:27:46.667Z","name":"ptc"},{"description":"","isConnected":true,"lastConnection":"2020-08-06T07:27:50.806Z","name":"ptc"}]

I think this contains complete list of all user also the logged into the Vuforia View app users. As mentioned I did not test it very detailed but hope this info could be helpful 

Hi Roland,


Thanks for sharing the detailed walkthrough. However, I was looking for something different where once the experience is launched, the user will key in the username/dealer name which then gets recorded in data table as to who all accessed the experience.


This is what I am looking for.



ok, means not the logging with user/pwd when you  but  some inputs in any widgets on the experience which should means user ... etc. Could you please, clarify.

What I meant in the previous post was only the point 1.) of your request - how to idntify the current logged user. when you call an experience  and you need to loggin then it goes automatically in start view. Here for example  when the view is loaded you can use the View after Enter listener e.g.:


scope.$on('$ionicView.afterEnter', function() {
  //here the code when you enter the project start view


And in the view after Enter call back function you can call e.g. a TWX service (e.g. mentioned in the previous post) with the API - This API could call Thingworx service which is added to the External Data Section in Vuforia Studio. It is important that the service what we want to call in the JavaScript is added to the External data section, otherwise calling such service will has no effect or will cause an error. The function corresponds to the UI direct binding of Thingworx service to an event (e.g. button widget click event)