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Automate AR experience creation process


Automate AR experience creation process



We want to create AR experience automatic so is it possible? if yes then how?

i.e. if we create one template it includes target information and 3D model. its a basic use case to just import 3D model and display on device view app.


So we want to make this process as automatic so designers work is to only see the experience and not to create experience.


So pls can you let me know, how we can achieve this? through any API or other method.



Prashant Pandarkar



Hi @ppandarkar-2 ,


I am not sure if I know what you want to automat ate because somethings are very difficult be created without the UI.

But in generally you can have a project template- this is created project which contains your start template with all thing what should be contains by your new project. Maybe you could use a set of templates, depending on the particular application case

You can use some script e.g. to

1.) add some files, models to a project resource/Upload folder

2.) you can /strongly not supported/ edit the <projectName>\src\phone\components\Home.json to add some feature using the json syntax  /but this will be very advance technique and is not clear if you will get the correct appearance  or even project corruption/

3.) you can add some javascript to the <projectName>\src\phone\components\Home.js

 or <otehrView>.js

where you can do some data assignments or function definitions:


//add here this  which specific for the new project
 $["name"]= 'myTest-NAME' 
$scope.view.wdg['timeSeriesChart-2'].labelsField= "timestamp"
$scope.view.wdg['timeSeriesChart-2'].valuesField=  "SENSOR10"


I think the point 3.) is better then 2.)  but here you will only be able to change the values of widget properties in the project / text , visibilities etc.

4.) publish the project using e.g. the curl command to a experience service - you need to have a admin permission on the server. Here some possible actions:


Publish a project:
curl -u user:password -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" -F ""  https://localhost:2019/ExperienceService/content/projects/
Update an existing project:
curl -X PUT -u user:password -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" -F ""  https://localhost:2019/ExperienceService/content/projects/myproject
curl -u user:password -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" -F ""  https://localhost:2019/ExperienceService/content/projects?replace=true
Delete an existing project (replace "myproject" with the name of the project to be deleted):
curl -u user:password -H "Content-Type: Application/JSON" -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" -X "DELETE" https://localhost:2019/ExperienceService/con


Of course this above describe only one possible way what I see - maybe there are other better options available.

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