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Can I use Repeater widget in ThingWorx Studio to create gauges dynamically?


Can I use Repeater widget in ThingWorx Studio to create gauges dynamically?

Hi, I want to use the repeater widget in ThingWorx Studio to generate gauges dynamically.

In the "Data" field I bind an InfoTable and I want to create as many gauges as infotable rows.

Is it possible?




Hi Alessio,

it should be possible, the repeater will repeat its inner element, e.g. a gauge and fill it with the data it gets from the ThingWorx service (InfoTable).

Are you running into any specific issues?



Thanks for your reply.

I tried to do that with my infotable, but i have a problem.

First of all, i would like to use this infotable in this example to explain my problem :


So, I want to create 2 gauges with the "Capital" value. How can I do that?

I tried to bound "All items" in the field "Data" of the repeater and then I bound the "Capital" field (from the "Current Selected Item" menu) into the field "Value" of the gauge I put as inner element of the repeater.

I see 2 gauges, but with the same values, and if I click on the value, it changes with the next value (for example: I see "Rome" in both. if I click on "Rome", I see "Paris" in both).

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance,





Not sure, if this is still open for you, but for the other user's sake, I will give a response:

Please refer to the Helpcenter and to this article and follow exact the steps explained there:

  • First bind the 'All Items' from your service to the Repeater Widget
  • THEN place other widgets ON the Repeater! E.g. a Panel and some Value Displays.
  • This will enable the  'Repeater Data Item' properties on the 'External Data' panel. Select the desired properties from there and bind them to the Widgets in the Repeater - not from "Current Selected Item' list! Otherwise you will end up in a situation like you have described.


Because I saw this isue in the list -  so I thought  it is a new one. So I checked it and want now  to share my observations.:

- So lets have a InfoTable e.g. comming from DataTable.GetDataTableEntries() service:



-so created an repeter with one gauge element on it . 

-add a service which return an InfoTable here e.g. DataTable.GetDataTableEntries()




-select on the left side the Repeater data Items - for this you have first to select the repeater first

- bind the repeater data items to the  a particular property of the gauge element - e.g. to value and min:




- so check the apperance in the preview:



-so the effect  that we will  set for each gauge/ repeater row a  value set of  particular row form the InfoTable/DataTable


The orignal problem could be reproduced if we use the Current selected item for the gauge values:




In this case we will have the wrong behavior as previosly was reported in this post