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Creo Illustrate product code invalid


Creo Illustrate product code invalid


i tried to install the Trial version of creo illustrate using the product code VS420607ED1040-YJWM-KD98
but the license setup says the product code is invalid
please help


ROHIT SANKESHWARI​ : In case the issue is still open then could you please provide the source detail from where you are trying to install Creo and the version you are planning to install ?


Durgesh Patel

thank you for your reply

I am trying to install Creo Illustrate and not Creo from the below link

please refer to page 20 of the above document

Page 23 is where the product code is mentioned.

Thanks Rohit..... Did you used the PTC Installation Assistant to retrieve and install a license by downloading and running

Please make sure you do not have white spaces while copy pasting product code.


5-Regular Member

Hi @dupatel,


Could you please provide the updated download links for Creo Illustrate. the links provided in above threads do not exist any-more. I'm using Vuforia Studio trial and an email from PTC said that i can download Creo Illustrate with my trial however all the links in email and on forum are broken.


Any help is appreciated as I have only one week to complete my use case and present so we can decide if we can buy vuforia studio to develop our products.


Thanks in advance mate.


Screenshot of the issue:

Illustrator Issue.png

Remove all the existing .dat files from the directory below and then try installing creo .It would be better if you use ptc installer hence it auto fetch the license.


Naveen SankarDurgesh Patel
thank you for all your help.

I was able to install the trial software.@