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Great new Model debug feature


Great new Model debug feature

Just discovered a great new feature in 8.3.3.


When you are in the Preview window and you click on a 3D item you can now see the object name in the browser debug console. Previously all you got was the x&y coordinates of the click event. Even better if you click on a modelItem or model it will tell you the name and occurrence path of the 3D item you clicked on.

This is a great help in debugging and figuring out the occurrence path for objects. Much better then counting your way thru the tree in the Creo View.


Here is an example of what you get

model click debug.png


That is pretty cool.


On the subject of modelItems, if you don't want to enumerate part levels in Creo View, you can open the model in Creo Illustrate and use the part properties->Attributes view to find the sBOM path:



@jmikesell@ClayHelberg Thank you for your feedback and sharing experiences in using the updated feature within Studio.  We really appreciate and thank you for using our platform moreover actively sharing your experiences, knowledge with the group which is helpful for others.

I think the similar  functionality , if we   suppose  that you do not have knowledge about  the model and have no idea about the ids in Creo View or Illustrate so  in this case you can also find the ids in design mode when you drag the model item widget of an component.    



So the component occurrence shows the ids of the component. Here on the picture for example 0/0/7/1 - is a part "slice" which is inside an assembly "bolt_cmp1". 

If you want to use a level above, means  - if it is a part and you want to have the modelitem of the assembly  you can edit the component occurrence value to /0/0/7 - in this case the modelitem refers to the assembly. 


This could be done temporary so that when the model items widget is not required any more it could be simple removed

Sometimes it will be difficult to click the correct modelitem, because there are many components overlapping. In this case , you can modify the number by trial  and error and check the display if you catches the correct item or you can hide a component/components to be able to click the desired component


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