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How to create user-specific libraries in Studio


How to create user-specific libraries in Studio

we would like to supporting our clients with individual AR Applications without sending and using the marker. Therefore the library function is a great solution for this because of the better overview and / or the small previews of each application. 
Problem is that we have different clients which we want to support with different experiences.

Is it somehow possible to “define” some users within the library?





To do this I use QR codes for the experiences.


Once you have published the experience, go to the Share, Share Experience option:

When the dialog box comes up, click on Copy Link to copy the URL to the clipboard.  Note that the link will only be available if an experience has been published:



Go to an online QR code generator (just Goggle QR code generator) and past the URL to generate a QR code.


Then you can email the QR to someone to view the experience without having to let them see the entire library.  You don't even need to print out the QR code, it can just be scanned off the screen inside the View app.


If they want to be able to view the experience without needing the QR code, they can bookmark the experience once they have loaded it for the first time.


Hope this helps.



Hello Allan, thank you for the answer, but the requirement is a bit different.


We have three different "AR-supported" working stations. Here the worker will load the actual needed Experience for the actual job. At each Station, the worker needs to choose between approx. 80-100 individual experiences for THIS Station.


Sharing and bookmarking the experiences will be a lot of manual effort, because the devices used at the AR-Station will be switch often. Therefore this will not be an elegant solution.


We can print out all the markers for each Station and the worker needs to scan the needed one. But this is not very nice due to maintenance and all the paper around the station.


A very nice solution here is the library function, because the library is a list, (where you do not lose the overview) and it can be managed from extern so we do not have to configure the devices. The worker only has to scan the QR-Code at the station and can choose between the needed Experiences.


BUT, the library will be the same for ALL users; therefore the Units will have access to all the experiences and not only for themselves. Would be fantastic to have another idea that will solve the issue.




AFAIK the only way that you could achieve what you want is to get another Experience Server. The library is going to list everything on that server that is not associated to a ThingMark.


The only other alternate i can suggest is to use Thingmarks and you can have as many Experiences associated to one ThingMark as you like. When the user scans that ThingMark they will get a list of experience titles to chose from. However they will only get a list of titles (In Studio>Configuration>Experiences>Title) not the thumbnails you can do in the Library.

ok thank you for your Reply.