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How to obtain all the name of pdf into upload folder


How to obtain all the name of pdf into upload folder

Hi everyone, 


in my project I need to load a lot of file. 

I'm searching for a procedure able to: 

- read the name in 'app/resources/Uploaded/' + documentName + '.pdf'

- save documentName into a json file


In such way i could be able to launch the visualization of the file into 2d canvas, with a function like this one bind to a button that pass the parameter 'documentName': 


$scope.showDocumentation = function(documentName){
var anchor = document.createElement('a');
anchor.href = 'app/resources/Uploaded/'+documentName+'.pdf';
window.location.href = anchor.href;

With the json file I want to load the file without typing every single name with my fingers. 


Any suggestions?



Hello @leonardosella ,

just to clarify:

- read the name in 'app/resources/Uploaded/' + documentName + '.pdf'  -> 

->>> in this case you want check the app/resources/Uploaded folder if an particular document is there ? Or you don’t know the name of the documents , and you want to do something like ... dir ...  or ls...  of the app/resources/Uploaded/ folder

- save document Name into a json file-   Where you want to save the json file?

If you want to change it locally back to the folder   app/resources/Uploaded/ - I do not believe that this is possible /allowed    . 

Or do you have other web. server where you want to save it.

Json information could be read from the app/resources/Uploaded/  folder but it could not be modified / modification only in session possible. Also, you can send the modified json data  to a web server or TWX server(thingworx)

Hi @RolandRaytchev,

1. I want to check the /../Uploaded/ directory and access the name of the pdf files, I don't know this prefix;

2. I made a mistake, don't save into a json file, only save the name on documentName.pdf into an object. 

Thanks for the clarification.

to 1.) this is directly not part of the funcitonaltiy but there was discussion in the post : "Show all Files of a Folder" - I hope this could be helpfule

2.) Ok when you find the name there will be  no problem the modify a json object and update the name or insert the new name / or object  to the json list. Afterwards  you can upload it to server or TWX