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Is it possible to play video while viewing the experience ?


Is it possible to play video while viewing the experience ?



I want play a video in 3D space while someone is seeing experience.


Can any one help weather it is possible in vuforia studio or not?


Thank you


Hi @nraichura,

In some devices, the OS will automatically make the video full screen, regardless of how we initially size it. I believe this scenario is not supported on all devices.


No there is not 3D video widget. You can only play a video in 2D, often only in full screen based on device OS.

Is there a way to have  the video not playing in full screen mode ?


I tried to embed it in a popup but no success with IOS

On iOS it is Full Screen only. Android you can do window or full screen controlled in the player. I believe this is a limitation of the OS video player and not View.

For a short video with no sound, you may be able to get around this by converting it to an animated gif. That will retain its screen position and size info (i.e. not go full-screen on iOS).


If you need video with audio, or if it's a long video, I think you'll be stuck with video formats and the native video viewer.


Would it be possible to convert the video to a .gif and then play the audio from the video at the same time?

You might be able to work that out with some clever scripting. It depends how tight the synchronization needs to be--I don't know if you could get completely accurate and reliable synchronization, but you might be able to get close enough if you can tolerate it being "pretty close" isntead of exact.


I don't have time to work through it, but you'd probably want to try something like this:


  • Have a static thumbnail for the video separate from the animated gif
  • Make sure to preload all resources with JS when the page loads
  • When you want to start the video:
    • Switch the image src from the thumbnail to the GIF
    • Trigger the audio stream to play

Keep in mind, with a system like this, I doubt you'll be able to set up a workable pause/resume capability. If you stop the playback, you will likely have to start from the beginning to play it again and keep things in sync.


Also, the animated GIF for a video will be significantly larger file size than the corresponding video file, particularly if the video is longer than a few seconds. (Video compression is WAY better than GIF compression.)