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Message: Reconnecting to Vuforia Studio...


Message: Reconnecting to Vuforia Studio...



The below message frequently appears when saving or publishing a project and it has the below effects:


1) Causes Vuforia Studio to become extremely slow

2) Sometime the massage run infinitely meaning I  have to restart the browser session to start afresh and sometimes this means I will loose all unsaved changes.

3) I have a project with 2 pvi's that allows me to load different service sequences dependent on a click event

4) Project is not that big  (project total size 159MB)

5) No thingworxs services are used


Massage that appears:

Reconnecting to Vuforia Studio...
If this message remains or you're not prompted to refresh your browser, make sure that the Vuforia Studio application is running


Has anyone experienced this if so what was the solution secondly are we able to use Visual Studio Code IDE for CSS and JavaScript  Vuforia Studio dev and save successfully?


Looking forward to your help, Thanks.



Hi @MaF , 

According to the mentioned point about the project size I want to point that  159 MB is not a small project in terms of Vuforia Studio!

So , the most portion  of this size is coming definitely by the models /pvz file.

For Cad programs e.g. Creo Parametric a 159 Mb assembly / model is a middle model size which is handling very fast with a high-performance machine. But for a laptop with middle performance and < 8 GB Working memory it should also take some time / especially -. when you retrieve the model or regenerate some feature e.g. a complex cut over many components. Otherwise   159 MB  is a size which is ok for the most CAD systems installation.

But for Augmented reality systems  is a large size a model > 20MB. We need to pay attention that we use some kind of light wear geometry which is mostly optimized and corresponds to a geometry which is more complex ( 2- 10 times more memory size in the original cad source)

Also, the geometry is called in apps on mobile devices which does not have the performance of workstations. In chrome often Studio is used on machine which have not so much performance and < 8 GB Memory where we have no reasonable performance in the chrome browser. This also could lead to performance bottle neck.

Regarding to the error with the reconnecting. I know this issue. It  often occurs in the browser. This is an issue when the communication with the node.js server does not work. For example you receive this issue when you stop Studio process. Mostly when you restart Vuforia Studio the connection will  work but it could also stay hanging. In this case simple refreshing of the current browser tab will help. OK when the project is more complex it will take some time. So far my experience I did not lost some data (so far chrome did not  crash) and the latest status was saved.

I think, the issue could be improved  if you use high performance windows machine or Mac. Also, you have to pay attention to have enough working memory > 8 better >16 GB and to avoid opening to much application – especially inside chrome

Some time an Antivirus scanner could make the communication to the node.js server very  slow by listing and blocking it -  and the issue will occur because  as possible timeout.

As summary I am often faced with this issue but the effect for me personally is not so disturbing - so it takes only few seconds  



Thank you very much for your response.


pvz file = size = 6,89 MB
159 Mb -> total project size
laptop specs:
Enough HDD space
OS = windows
Few applications running and I only opened studio in chrome
Antivirus -> I have checked the log and there seems to be nothing that indicaes that studio is blocked or any scans
communication with the node.js server does not work - is there a remedy for this, I have tried to set the priority for both studio, node and chrome to realtime but still I am experiencing the same problem, is there something extra you suggest?

Please could you also help with the below as i have not recieved feedback regarding using an IDE.
Are we able to use Visual Studio Code IDE for CSS and JavaScript Vuforia Studio dev and save successfully? - I have tried but there seems to be an issue when saving from the IDE and secondly can I maybe use Android studio as an IDE?

Thanks for the feedback!

OK , of course not only models could increase the memory of project but often video or picture files. I think this file are relevant when you load the project. Also when you display a project they could have some affect when you have large number of widget  which are  refereeing to such object.

So, I think, it could be helpful to test your environment with projects having different complexity , so you can find if issue is based on your project or on you installation.

The first test should be new project only with button and small script  … e.g. printing something to the console – You can check here if the issue occurs. In this case if there are problems this will indicates that there is an issue with the studio installation, or with the machine – e.g. permission of your profile , Firewall etc.  Here a good test is to start  Vuforia Studio in incognito Chrome mode – Shift -Strg -N and call in the address bar : http://localhost:3000/home

Check also if there is not some usage of port 3000 by other app.

If the first test is ok, you can extend you project by adding a model widget and use the current model. So, you can check if there is a model issue.

And further test adding other components … until you have the behavior again. Sometimes it could be simple a project corruption of the current Vuforia studio project. In this case you can create a new project and then replace the e.g. Home.json and Home.js (of course if you view name are different you have to replace all view.js and .jsons) . Also, the css and the files in the resource folder.

Regarding to the IDE. I am using often visual studio or visual code a editor testing some general javascript or Angular.js but I do not use it for studio. There are 2 questions:

  • What should be the benefit of such usage – I think the chrome provide a good debugging tools where I think we have a good tool to debug and to check the data in studio. OK the script editor provides only simple syntax . Sometimes I use visual code to test an general javascript or angular.js issue which is not related directly to the Studio functionality – but this is seldom
  • I think this will be possible and may be, someone use it. But to be able to use this editor you need to load all libraries of Studio. First this is at risk to be not very efficient – e.g. there is no supported way by PTC  how to do this, and after each release there could be some change which  requires to check you setup again.

It seems an RAM issue when you are acccesing the studio. if u have inculded the alot og image files , video files and if you are copy paste in 2 D canvas of Vuforia studio alot of times then that causes alot of consumption of RAM. I afced the same issue while working on heavy Projects. Here the solution is u can restart the computer or clear your Temp files from system. I think this way your problem may get solved earliest.



Suraj Patil