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Model Target Tracking in Hololens 2


Model Target Tracking in Hololens 2



I'm having an issue with model target tracking in Hololens 2. 


I have no issue getting the model to appear but when i move around the object, it appears to move slightly around. It will misalignment with the actual model when I move the camera.


I've used the model as a model target in the mobile device view, and use the same process in the Hololens 2, but it having the above issue. 


If someone can give any advice or point me in a direction of something that will work i would be greatly appreciated.

Any help or advice would mean the world to me. Thank you for your time.


Hi @AS16 ,

I think there is difference in the tracking behavior for the different devices which could lead to different results. I want to point to the article (it is about Engine but a part of it will explain the tracking  also in Studio do it is internally based on this functionality)

Example on is the recognition of the model but also the tracking in the environment e.g . on IOS you have the ARKit and ARCore - making reference on some plane surface which we do not have on the HoloLens.

So, you can check principle point in the :  Best Practices for Continued AR Experiences 

and follow the suggestions in

(as already mentioned, the most point there are also relevant for Vuforia Studio)


OK , possibly there could be some error but this could be checked more detailed on a particular example.

You can check the events tracking Acquired and Tracking Lost event using some callback to display the current tracking status- better to understand when the tracking is lost and when it is back  

Hi @RolandRaytchev , we are also facing the same issue. The augmented model is misaligning with the physical model. When I check the Microsoft's troubleshoot website, its mentioned that there may be one inch or more offset will be there. Please refer this article.  


And when I created the same experience for mobile device then the offset was very less.


It will be really helpful if you can help us with your expertise. Just need clarification about "Can we achieve 100% accurate alignment with Hololens 2 "??


Awaiting your response.



Hi @ppandarkar-2,

is your last post the same issue as reported in the topic

 if so then we can follow then the topic there

or is there difference? Thanks


Both were SAME


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