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Scaling indication of spatial target


Scaling indication of spatial target

Hello, I'm having a problem to indicate the scale of a model in a smooth way. 

Basically what I wanna do is to have some way of indicating what scale the model is with only using the gestures. 

I can connect a slider widget to the scaling service of the model, and via the value on the slider widget show the scale. But I feel that scaling a model via gestures is a lot more leaner solution to work with so I don´t wanna use a 2D-slider widget to work with the scale. 

Now there is 2 ways that I feel that I could go about and one way is to have some kind of reset button that only affect the scaling value. I can connect a button to the "reset gestures" service in the spatial target, but then that also effect if I have moved the object or have rotated the object. I wan't the reset button to only effect the scale so I can scale, spin and move the object then press a reset scale button that only effect the scaling value on spatial target. 

However, the other way which is probably the best way is to have a 2D-text input field which shows the value of the scale which is changed when you scale using gestures, 

Perhaps there is another way of indicating which scale the model is when using gestures as your way of scaling? 

Hope you understand my problem, and thanks in advanced! 


Hi @PhilipB ,

The problem is that so far I know the model scale is not the same as  the scale of the gesture scale (Spatial Target  widget property  ' Enable Scale Gesture ' is selected ) The scale using gesture is a property of the spatial target and some factor which will scale all models in the project (this is similar if you scale a thingmark size). The model widget scale property scales only a particular model. For example, if you have more than one model we can see that gesture scale will scale all models but the model scale will scale only a particular model. So the “Reset Gesture changes” will reset all changed of the gesture scale but it will not change the model widget scale property. what I believe here  is that you want  to change directly the scale of spatial target.

I tried to check the properties of this widget (not only the visible)


We can see there are some additional properties what we can change via JavaScript code

$scope.view.wdg['spatialTarget-1']['y']= $scope.view.wdg['spatialTarget-1']['y']+0.2

$scope.view.wdg['spatialTarget-1']['y']= $scope.view.wdg['spatialTarget-1']['y']+0.2


But I do not think that this could be helpful in your case

Hello @RolandRaytchev ,

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, you kind of summerized what I wanna do really good. I also noticed that the model scaling value is not connected to the spatial target scaling value while playing around with this. Personally I think that if you could influence the spatial target scaling value in some way without affecting the rotating and positioning of the spatial target is easiest but what I what to is just some smooth way of indicating scale. Different approaches I have been thinking of and tried is:


Ideal way: Getting an output value of the scaling value for spatial target

Other ways: Reset button that only affect the scaling for spatial target but not positioning or rotation (that way you get an indication of the scale if you know which scale you start with e.g. 1:1. Also, I can have the reset button and make positioning and rotation unable, but that is really bad trade-off I feel). 
Another good way: unable scaling for spatial target and use the scaling function for the model but you don't use buttons or spin widget but you can use the pinch gesture to affect the scale value of the model.

According to PTC R&D team now scaling is turned OFF by default . This is considered as functionality which could help to have a better overview but is not intended for scaling of objects:

"For example, you may have a 1:18 model car with a label above it - if you scale the car up to full size (18x larger), you do not scale the label by 18 as the position will be wrong and the text will be huge. Likewise if you scale down, you do not necessarily want annotations like text etc. the scale.  Thus scaling is generally not advised - build your experience to the scale that it will be used. "

So means that if you want to scale and transform  the models will be better to use the Model Widget properties scale and x,y,z ,rx,ry,rz

Therefore, I do not believe that we can expect change on this functionality soon.

Any changes to that approach by PTC?


Is it possible to determine the scale of spatial target or use scaleGesture to setup model scale instead?

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