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Vuforia License


Vuforia License

Hi, I would like to buy a license but I have few questions


if I have license and developed a prodject for client X and deployed, will the Thingmarx or projects will be alive even license is expired


Kind Regards, 



Hello Karthik,


The answer depends where is located the Vuforia Experience Service and ThingWorx servers.

We have 2 solutions :

  1. Hosted at PTC Cloud
  2. Hosted in an enviroment managed by customers or partners. This kind of installation is called On-Premise.

So, if it is hosted at PTC, it is suscription.

If suscription is not reneweal, access will be stop.

It means no access anymore to Experiences hosted in PTC Cloud for end users with Vuforia View.

I don't have any more details about that about modalities in a such case.


If it is hosted in house, in an On Premise installation, Vuforia Studio, Vuforia View and Vuforia Experience Service doesn't have a license file.

Please have a look to this article :


But ThingWorx has a license file.

ThingWorx is used to manage users and permissions.

So, with an expired license file, ThingWorx can start but behavior are very limited and a red frame is displayed on top about the license expiration.

If the license is invalid, due to a bad host id for example, ThingWorx will not start.

In a such case, Vuforia Experience Service cannot start and work correctly also because he needs to connect to ThingWorx.


By the way, if Vuforia Experience Service has been installed to be reachable from internet (with https and a SSL certificate), it can be registered in GXI server at PTC.

It might be possible if license of On-Premise Vuforia Experience Service is not reneweal that this server will be removed from GXI server.

To have more details about impact of that, I would suggest to have a look to these articles :


For the ThingMarks, they are still assigned to an instance until a request to fit to a new environment id done.

We don't have a lifetime for ThingMarks but they are linked to a Domain-ID.

This Domain-ID is linked to the Vuforia Experience Service instance.


I hope that it gives some answers.


Best regards,



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