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Vuforia Studio API documentation for JavaScript


Vuforia Studio API documentation for JavaScript

Good Afternoon,


I am a new user of Vuforia Studio and while I have searched through the various tutorials and found snippets of code here and there, I am unable to locate a comprehensive JavaScript API reference for the environment. Could any of you point me in the right direction? Thanks. 




I am also intrested in some kind of documentation. So far I couldn't find anything helpful.

There is probably ton of clever script & snippets disovered by users or/and RnD team.


Maybe public repository with samples would work out here? I would really like something like that. Can contribute also with my snippets.


Best Regards,


Hi Adam,


Glad to know I'm not the only one looking for this kind of knowledge. I've figured out how to find most of the properties I'm looking for by manipulating the preview in Chrome and using the Chrome dev console, but there are still some fundamentals that would be nice to have a reference, for example:


1. a clear understanding of where a property is Obj.Property and when it is obj['property'], or when it is both and what the distinction between the two uses is.

2. From the tutorials, I understand the best way to manipulate an object's property would be to create a Custom Application Parameter and bind that to the property you want to adjust, and manipulate the custom property.


for example: Given 3DImage-1 and a AppParam YLoc bound to 3DImage-1's Y coordinate

$scope.AdjustY = function(){
$['YLoc'] += 0.1;


(NOTE: In the tutorial on the help page, it gives the nomenclature $ += 0.1 which doesn't work... had to figure that out the hard way...)


Why, then, couldn't I just use:


$scope.view.wdg['3DImage-1'].y += 0.1;




Basic concepts like this clearly explained would be very helpful and reduce the experimentation required to become proficient.


I like your idea of a public repository - maybe we should try to crowd-source a thread of this nature?


@ReidMcCall @A_Macierzynski Yes, unfortunately we do not have an official documentation exclusively for API or JS however there are few sample available on Help Center .


We agree and acknowledge your feedback. Also, it is something taken into consideration and work in progress so should expect documentation around it in future release however no timeline detail is available at the moment.



@ReidMcCall @dupatel @A_Macierzynski 

I found a document "VuforiaAngularJS.pdf" in the thread How to select model components in a 3d model without explicit definition of model Items?

Thanks to RolandRaytchev, but I couldn't find any new version of the document.

Hope this would help.