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Vuforia Studio Model Item Conflicts with Creo Illustrate Sequence


Vuforia Studio Model Item Conflicts with Creo Illustrate Sequence

Hi there,


I've find a conflict between Vuforia Studio Model Item and CREO Illustrate Sequence Animation.


In the need of controlling both color and opacity of the blower parts, I assigned individual pasts of the assembly with Model Item.


Without Model Item 'blowerFlange ', Sequence 'assemble' works as expect.

But after it assigned, the Model Item 'blowerFange' appear in the sequence too early.


As videos shown below:



How to make Sequence works while have controls over involved Model Item?

Any reply would be appreciated.





Hi @dsgnrClarK ,


I did tested your project in the current Vuforia Studio 8.4 release, but actually I was not able to reproduce it.




So far, I understood the issue form your description is that the modelitem "blowerFlange" will appeared to early in the sequence but I was not able to observe this problem.

May be, this is based on issue of older version and is now fixed in the 8.4. What is your version of Studio?

OK, I tested it  for the first time only in Vuforia Studio Preview mode. Does the issue occur also in preview mode or only on end device?


Hi @RolandRaytchev ,


Thank you for the reply.

I'm using Vuforia Studio and creo illustrate 5.1

And the issue occurs in both preview mode as well as on devices.


I just tried it again.

Go preview directly after importing

This issue still occurs.



ps, how to get my videos in the previous post approved? or GIF is only to illustrate problems?



Hello @dsgnrClarK ,


thanks for the info! Yes this is sometimes difficult. I tested many times your project / model and found that very fast inside the sequence it will flicker /show very fast/ the flang.prt ( BOM ID Path /0/7) component. But the behavior is different on my machine as your described. The error appeared  very fast and I have really to watch out to see it.

I could imagen that the appearance could differ depending  on the graphical board or machine, so my opinion is some three.js /thingview issue.

but so far your mention you will not have this issue when you delete the ModelItem with occurance /0/7? Right?

In this example I do not see a reason why this modelitem is required.

According to the last post in the topic : .Opacity of model while playing a sequence

and the post : How to select model components in a 3d model without explicit definition of model Items?

you can manipulate components temporary without to define an explicit modelitems. So may be in your case this could be helpful

Otherwise this should be reported as issue to the Technical Support area.

I think here the problem is caused by locking via the modelItem (this means you set an intention to change it explicitly ... position, visibility  ...etc.) and may be somehow this will disturb the movement form the sequence


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