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how to manage vuforia studio data using windchill


how to manage vuforia studio data using windchill



Has anyone managed Vuforia studio projects using Windchill?

Can advise how to do this? 


FYI, I am familiar with both products. But not able to get any info if already a integration methods available.


Thanks for your help.




@rsingaram  So, Ravi could you please clarify if you want to get/show  Windchill data inside Studio experience or want to manage your Studio Project using Windchill as collaboration/project management features ?


If you want to get Windchill data then will have to integrate Windchill with your ThingWorx instance and then get required data using builtin services or custom services which could be used inside any Studio project.


For, project management the steps would be similar like we do for any project however i do not think we have a document specifically for Studio Windchill project management.







This article has been made for ThingWorx Studio but it is still relevant for Vuforia Studio :


Windchill Workgroup Manager is not compatible with Vuforia Studio.

I mean, in Creo Illustrate, it is possible to link a .pvz file (generated by GDD in Windchill or manually) to an Illustration (.c3di file)

Update the .pvz file in Windchill.

When opening Creo Illustrate file, automatically, last pvz file should be collected in Workspace and updated in Creo Illustrate.


A such behavior, link a pvz file stored in WIndchill to a Project in Vuforia Studio is not possible today.


Best regards,


Hi Durgesh and Samuel,


Thank you for your replies.


We want to manage whole connected process (models) – Creo to Creo Illustrator to Vuforia Studio with Windchill & ThingWorx.


Creo  and Creo Illustrate already have integration to Windchchill.  Creo also has integration to TWX. So OK upto here.


For Vuforia Studio - Only Attributes are OK – As  mentioned, Vuforia studio can read Windchill attributes through TWX .We are not anyway changing attributes inside Vuforia Studio.


So seems that the only manual way possible - we create a Windchill Document type like “Vuforia Studio” and attach  Studio project files like a zip file and manage revisions.


Kindly let me know if there are any other better or additional efficient methods. 


Thank you,



Hi  @rsingaram ,


I want to mention some points to the current functionality

According to the mention article above:

Here the resolution is:

"It's currently not possible to automatically update or synchronize Vuforia Studio with Windchill PDMLink content3D Model data needs to be refreshed manually"


This mirrors the current functionality without Windchill customizations.

So if such update is often required in this case it will ,may be, make sense to think about an customization

So the question is what you want to manage Studio project or

I believe  the intention here to update an experience project which is publish on the experience service.

So let say, you have a project named "test_motor_experience" and it is already published to a server https://my_company/ES. In this case we can define in windchill some attributes with the experience service location and the project name which is associated to an particular cad model EPMDocument. When the model is published windchill will call the worker – which create from the cad document a pvz file.  In this case we can customize the worker - which is Creo parametric in batch mode. So with an additional customization (so far I know - for example by some toolkits(OTK CPP, JLink ,JavaOTK and Anis C Toolkit  programming )

So all windchill attributes - designated /mapped EPMDocument type attribute / will also appear as parameters in Creo during the publishing and so an toolkit program could simple read them and then after export / creation of the the pvz file – and then start some bach command to upload and replace the pvz file in the project source.

I wanted here to mention that some customization is possible, but it means not that it is easy. In case that such process is urgent required by a company, so in this case the company could consider some investment in consulting service to create such customization

Possibly we can expact such OOTB integration/ implementation in future release but currently I do not have info about such plans.

As info :

  • Publish a project

curl -u user:password -H "X-Requested-With: ^HXn4_uG3g@7u1Q-" -F "" https://<ES-domain>/ExperienceService/content/projects/

  • Update an existing project

curl -u user:password -H "X-Requested-With: ^HXn4_uG3g@7u1Q-" -F "" https://<ES-domain>/ExperienceService/content/projects/?replace=true

  • Delete an existing project

curl -u user:password -H "Content-Type:Application/JSON" -X "DELETE" https://<ES-domain>/ExperienceService/content/projects/proje

So when we have the current project in studio Documents/ThingWorxStudio/Project on the client machine - we can update the zip file into the ..\src\phone\resources\Uploaded,

compress the project to zip file 

 and upload it via curl



I have been using Windchill to manage 3D until it is published out of Illustrate and git to manage the project from there on out in Studio. I have been using VS Code for quite a while to edit all the JS , JSON and CSS in my experiences and VSC has good integrated SCM with git. We are not a software company at all and don't have our one git repo, so I'm pushing my commits up to a remote repo on Azure DevOps (we do have Office 365 at a tier that includes this). If you don't have O365 and want an offsite remote option, the recent changes to now allow unlimited private repos. So this could be a good option.


Given that Studio really is a software platform git makes a lot more sense than WC. I can branch as needed for development and hot fixes. And if we ever get more than one person working on this we can share work and not lock each other out.



Thank you all for your replies.


I would be testing the scenario as possible keeping in mind all the helpful replies. On Monday, I would install the missing components and start testing.


I would update where I struck up/assumed. 



Hi all


I started testing with Creo 5.03/Illustrate 5.0/WC 11.1 M010


Initial issue of not able to see the browser inside WGM was resolved by PTC tech support through

But still Creo Illustrate import/link creo models cannot access (File import in both direct and WGM windchill access mode). It is empty. Once checkout to local working directory (creo or illustrate) --> there is no more update in Creo Illustrate.
Same goes if I checkin a pvz file into WC--> download to local --> create Illustrate animation-->checkin illustrate file in to WC --> make changes to pvz file, checkout and download to local drive --> the checked out illustrate file cannot see changes to pvz.
Apart from this, only the default works (creo files stored in local drive --> Illustrate animation created---> change Creo data --> Illustrate can sense the change and update animation) 
Of course, Illustrate .c3di file can work like any document with no intelligence.
Any one if has successfully linked creo changes through Windchill into Illustrate, pls let me know. 



I have an environment who works with GDD, Creo Illustrate, Creo Parametric and WIndchill 11.0 M020.


We can have plenty of reasons why it is not working.


I have one question to start investigation of this problem.

In Windchill Workgroup Manager, do you see a pvz file in local Workspace ?


Best regards,



Hi all


Thank you all for your input.


As Samuel mentioned, I was able to replicate the setup. Basically, Creo Illustrate can access the pvz file only from Windchill through WGM.


I created a "worker for Creo" inside WC that can publish .pvz file alongwith creo  model when checked into WC. That means for every creo part, there will be 2 documents  - one creo data and it's pvz pvz file.


WGM takes care of automatic publishing the .pvz file (that we  manually do File/publish) along with c3di file checkin (as representation).


This setup works fine - no bugs.


So, now lacking is the a WGM for Vuforia Studio - for auto updating of Creo Illustrate changes to Vuforia studio through Windchill.