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white objects appear grey


white objects appear grey

Hi All,

I'm working on an experience which involve white components.

In Creo Parametric, the appearence is white, in creo View or Illustrate, i make sure it's still white, but when i put this model into Thingworx studio, it's grey (in the interface, the preview and through the View app).

I've tried to tweak the lighting settings in Creo View and Illustrate before exporting the model into a separate pvz but still they appear in grey.

I also tried to create a modelitem on the components and force again the white color but still they appear in grey.

I thing there's something to do about the scene lights but i can't find any way to tweat it in Studio.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.


Here is a screenshot from Creo View, we can esaily see the white components and the grey ones.


Here is a view from the Studio :



Hi Michel. I am able to reproduce this issue locally and am looking into a solution. I will get back to you on this.

Hello and happy new year to everyone.

Any update on this topic ? I would love to try something this week if possible.

Many thanks,

Hi Michel.  Can you share how the color is applied (part level, assembly level, surface, etc.)?

Hi Tara,

The color is applied on the component (full component selection). I've also tried to apply it on surfaces on the part and at the assembly level without any difference.


5-Regular Member

Not sure if its finally answered and I'm not a creo expert.

Thus said:

The color can be set on modelitem level (white) – and it definitely is white – keep in mind the “virtual” light direction that is assumed in studio preview (moving the mouse around you will see it - you can see it also on the end device)

Or in Creo Illustrate, Edit Structure and properties of the part.