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propagation change package


propagation change package

Does anyone know how to propagate a change package from one project to a different project


I have never done this personally, but the User Guide for 10.1 mentions that both Apply CP and Resync CP can be used to propagate Change Packages from one Project to another.

The user guide also mentions that the "Move" command can move members from one project to another if that is needed as well.

I would be interested in finding out if resyncing across config projects works now as I remember trying this unsuccessfully in the 2009 version.

What version of Integrity are you on?

Are you getting any error message when you try this?


Hi Hector,

here's all I know:

Assuming you have a project A with a CP 123:1 you have the following option:

- you can propagate the CP to a dev path of project A very easily by using "apply CP" (if 123:1 is already closed) or "resync by CP" (if 123:1 is not closed, or you know that you won't need an exactly identical configuration). In both cases any action in 123:1 referring to a project (e.g. "configure subproject") cannot be propagated. In both case you have a bunch of options for the commands that specify e.g. wether to apply the changes recursively ina subproject tree or "flat" , or if your CP and your target need to share the same "enty project",.... It's kind of tricky and error prone, and you will need some Try'n'Error turns to get your desired result (read the manual and especially the error message carefully!).

- if you want to propagate the CP to a complete different project B I'm afraid I can only guess, as I've never tried it so far: the member actions you can propagate will be very limited (add/drop shared members, set member revision for a shared archive) as there needs to be something in common between project A and B.

As far as I remember there is also a limitation that Projacts A and B must share the same "ancestors".

Depending on your scenario, you should have a look at these commands as well:

- add/configure shared subproject

- set member rule

HTH Matthias

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