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CAD Worker question


CAD Worker question

Hi All,

I have a question regarding CAD Worker set up. Does anyone run CAD Workers
on the Windows Server platform, or do you stick to the PTC Support Matrix
for Creo and use XP or Windows 7?

Our IT Security Policies seem to interfere with Workstation OS's much more
that Servers.



CAD Worker question

I have run CAD Workers on Servers in the past. What version OS are you
planning on using? Also, what CAD Workers do you intend to set up?


CAD Worker question

Hi Ryan,

Currently, the plan is to use standard workers to publish Creo View
visualization objects. We are looking at Windows Server 2008. Probably
will use Creo Elements Pro 5 or Creo 2.0.



CAD Worker question

I have installed and configured a CAD Worker for Creo on a Windows Server
2008 machine. It installs and sets up the same as XP and Window 7. The one
thing you can't do is install any Workgroup Managers on a Server platform.
Because Creo and Wildfire have the WGM built in, it will install and
publish correctly. Other CAD softwares will not work correctly on the
Server OS. Even though this functionality will work, PTC does not support
this and will not assist in the event something breaks.

Hope this helps,

CAD Worker question

We've run into support issues with Windows Server 2003 where PTC refused to provide support because we were using a server operating system rather than the workstation version. Because of this, we've switched to using Windows 7 Professional -- and we have had issues due to our IT security policies and Windows Update automatically installing updates without any admin being involved in the process.

I remember hearing at Planet PTC something to the effect that Windchill 10.1 will include Server 2008 in the support matrix for CAD workers, but I haven't confirmed that.

Brian Geary
Java Architect
Information Technology

CAD Worker question

For CAD Workers you should look at the compatibility matrices for the ProductView Adapters and not the Pro/ENGINEER software matrices. I took a look at the ProductView Adapter 13.0 software matrix and found that Windows Server 2008 is supported:


If I look at the Creo View 2.0 M010 Adapters Matrix (compatible with Windchill 10.0 and 10.1) I find that Windows Server 2008 is also supported:


Patrick Williams | Engineering Systems | c: 616.947.2110

CAD Worker question

Creo 2.0 does show support for Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit with a note saying NOT Creo Schematics (if that even matters).


CAD Worker question

In my opinion it isn't worth the risk going unsupported. If you rely on this portion Windchill to work well, go big or go home. Publishing is probably the MOST unstable piece of Windchill. I of course know of plenty of people where it works but more often than not it doesn't work well. Now this is attributed to a lot of things. Most people treat the publishers as an afterthought and pay for it later.

I would get a big Win 7 64 bit machine with a nice graphics card and plenty of ram/CPU. Have your backup script restart this entire machine when Windchill goes cold for a backup and you will have a bit more success in my experience. If you think about it, it makes sense. This one machine has to process successfully every single CAD document you put in Windchill and constantly update them. If it works well, it can really provide some neat solutions. If it doesn't no one will care and anytime you bring up PLM and its solutions they will say "Oh but visualization is a key component of this and it is a total fail for us already".


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer

CAD Worker question

One thing that is a common misconception is that the cad worker needs a nice graphics card. I use to think that, but the documentation is clear, publishing doesn't use the graphics card. So that isn't an issue to be concerned about. It's all a matter of CPU speed, the amount of ram, and the speed of your network connection. Oh and hard drive speed also.

David Haigh

CAD Worker question

Juts to add one point here ...
PTC will not entertain if the configuration is not as per the standards...
Thus id becomes very frustrating at the moment.
Better and safer is to go as per standards....

If you are using the 9.1 + releases.. you can use the Replica servers as
well for this.

Hope this helps.......



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