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Delete previous version


Delete previous version

How do I go back and delete a previous version from commonspace?

Latest version of a drawing is A.5 I want to go back and delete A.1 only and leave A.2 thru A.5

Windchill 10.0 M050

The "way things are" for Windchill:
- Delete applies to latest
- Purge applies to non-latest with ability to use some filters

May be able to create a simple purge job for this one object - BUT there is no filter for NUMBER so will be challenging. Could move the object to a different context / folder and then use this filter for purge.

It's actually a very good thing that it's difficult to remove non-latest - and non-admin users absolutely cannot.
23-Emerald III

Welcome to Windchill. No selective delete. No purge selective revisions. No delete everything but the latest X versions. You have two options. You can delete everything from the latest backwards using the "Delete" function or you can use Purge from the first iteration forward (but never get rid of the last iteration of each revision).

As long as A.1 is the first revision in REV A (no A.0), you should be able to use purge for this. I'd recommend temporarily moving object to a separate, empty product (or library) while doing this. It makes things much simpler.

Tom U.

I'm assuming you don't want folks to see or download this revision for some specific reason.

There is an alternative to deleting. You can move it to a product with domain controls at the folder level.

The folder level domain should have ACL's set to deny Read & Download of that object type. I set the Principal to ALL. Which means even I can't see the files anymore.

David Haigh

You can easily use Purge in Windchill PDMLink and leave A.2-A.5 and delete only one iteration.