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Roll-up attribute value from child to parent (using classification)


Roll-up attribute value from child to parent (using classification)



I would like to know if it is possible to roll-up an attribute value of a child back to the parent using the classification tool by using rules ?
As in the diagram below, I am looking to take the "yellow" value from one part of the structure. Otherwise I have to manually edit the parent to populate the attribute.




According to CS331073, it's not possible to use alias attributes in the classification tool and I dont want to create an alias attribute directly carried on PART type.


Do you encounter this problem and how to work around it?


Is that diagram to represent a BOM or a classification structure? If BOM, how would you handle two children with different colors? And, if the children change, it would cause a ripple effect upwards causing iterations to the parent correct? 


I was disappointed that alias attributes could not be shown in classifications. I had an attribute that indicated if a CAD model existed, "hasCAD". Intent was to present that to engineers when searching the library so they know if the part they are selecting has a cad model associated. But alas...



The diagram represents a bom (not the classification tree).

Indeed, if two children have a color attribute, it would be problematic, hence the interest of using an IF type rule to take into account the classification node.
To clarify, one of the children is the frame of the assembly, I want to recall the color of the frame on the parent because this is how we work to define the color of the assembled product. If the frame is yellow, then I consider the assembly yellow (even if the other components are another color).

For example : 
If the body of a felt-tip pen is yellow, then the assembled felt of its cap is also yellow.

Moreover, there cannot be two children as a frame for us.


The remark is very fair to disseminate the information to the parent. I have no idea of the consequence on the display at the parent level but I imagine that at least a checkout checkin should be imposed to see the updated value.

I think what you want is doable.


I’ve written a utility to classify WTParts from a CSV file to Nodes and set the node’s attributes values. Tricky but doable and it yielded a pretty good understanding of what’s going on under the hood.

If node classification to both parent and child WTParts already exists and it’s just a matter of keeping the COLOR attribute the same I’m thinking it would not be difficult to automate the child part’s node attribute is COLOR to drive the parent part’s node’s COLOR attribute value automatically.


If the child COLOR is changed a listener could be written to detect this and automatically update the parent part’s node COLOR attribute value to be identical to the child.


I have not tested but I see no reason why this couldn’t work assuming their bombproof logic to determine which child is to drive the parent. Such as only one child has a value for the node attribute COLOR.



What is the specific event we have to listen to when a classification attribute changes? Could someone please clarify?

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