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Was Windchill 11.0 M020 partially retracted?


Was Windchill 11.0 M020 partially retracted?

Back in early December, I downloaded all of the installation media that was available for WC 11.0 M020, and when I look at the list of available media today, 1/13/2017, the Service Pack download for M020 is not listed.  Even the webpage with the list of available software updates is missing the Service Pack listing despite the other M020 components being available.

Is this on purpose to prevent installation of M020 or is this some "glitch" in the downloads site?


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Withdrawal announced here.

View solution in original post


Withdrawal announced here.

Russ beat me to the punch.  The information was just posted this afternoon while the downloads were pulled last week.

More information can be found in the Technical Support Bulletin here:

Windchill 11.0 M020 download information



CPS02 is available to download.

There is also a new PTC Windchill 11.0 Service Pack Datecode: M020-CPS02


Please note per the following per the Article

If you are not yet in production with 11.0 M020, you will need to restart any in-progress rehearsal upgrades with a fresh 11.0 M020 CPS02 target installation once available – updating existing 11.0 M020 target systems is not advised.

If you are already in production with 11.0 M020, you should not immediately update to CPS02.  A case should be opened first with Technical Support referring to article CS254456 to determine if any data validation or correction is required.



in a couple of weeks we will start a new fresh installation, on our dev server, of Windchill 11.0 M020 (now our production server is on 10.2 M030).

I have written my previous comment for other users because I haven't found any article where is written that in addition to a new CPS02 there is also a new Service Pack M020-CPS02.


Jeffrey Zemsky

What is the difference between the M020-CPS02 Service Pack and M020-CPS02 - Critical Patch Sets Bundles?  Do both need to be used for a fresh install?

Thank you,


They are two different CD.



Brian Toussaint‌ I am working on getting a clarification of the two media.  But to be clear - you should restart your 11.0 M020 project with a clean install based upon CPS02. If you have a development environment based upon 11.0 M020 F000 or CPS01 that should be removed and restarted with a CPS02 based install.

We have posted some detail on the two downloads.  In short

Difference of the two download files available for "Windchill 11.0 M020 CPS02" on Software Downloads

  • M020-CPS02 (highlighted in red) should be used by customers that want to newly install their Windchill 11.0 M020 CPS02. It replaces the the former PTC Windchill 11.0 Service Pack installation media that was removed from the download.
  • M020-CPS02-Bundle (highlighted in blue) should be used by customers that need to updated their existing production system of Windchill 11.0 M020 and M020 CPS01

Please note - we recommend doing a clean install with M020-CPS02 wherever possible.

Jeffrey Zemsky‌ I currently have PTC Windchill 11.0 M010 installed on my machine. Do you recommend I stay on M010 or upgrade to M020?


Antonio Fiore‌ - you need to weigh items in M020 for your needs.  There is no issue in moving to M020 - just make sure to get the M020-CPS02 as noted above while doing the update.

I tried to install a fresh 11.0 M020 this morning and Service Pack is not recognised on staging area except if you patch version.xml...

releaseIdentifier="wsp." supportDateCode="M020-CPS02"

replaced by

releaseIdentifier="wsp." supportDateCode="M020"

Initial goal was to be able to install M020 CPS03 (PTC TS call pending)

I will post the result

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