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Windchill - ERP intergration


Windchill - ERP intergration

Does anyone has PDMLink connected to an ERP system to exchange informations?

We would like to export the BOM structure directly into the ERP.

Anyone using SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft AX?




We are in the process of doing this, but we are having to custom write a "connector" between Windchill and our Deltek Costpoint ERP application. We are working closely with PTC in order to make sure that what we extract from Windchill will properly go into our ERP, and also making sure that we can feed Windchill the proper data from our ERP system.

Have you looked into the ERP connector that PTC offers?

- Patrick


In fact we are looking for a new ERP system, so I haven't looked yet at the Windchill - ERP connector. The next ERP we'll implement here must be connected to our PDMLink system. It is one of our requirement.

That why I'm asking here about people who had experienced it.

So from what I understand you will have a two way connection between Windchill and your ERP. Is PTC very helpful with your challenge?

I am curious how you ERP Integration with Windchill went. We have Deltek and just finished migrating data to Windchill 9.1, we making plans to integrate the two. Can you tell me how things worked out for your company?

We are still working on it, but it's basically done. There are quite a few of out of the box tasks that we have found that you can utilize in your integration. Funcitons like Link, GetRelatedObjects, Create, etc. can be used for managing Windchill objects.

Also, there is WSDL associated with these tasks which can be used to create the necessary classes for development. They can be accessed like this:



Those two WSDL's have several useful functions. The all use a genericBusinessObject for setting atributes.

Our WC server (and probably most others) have a page setup for logical attributes that is very helpful:


Hopefully this gives you some insight into what we are working with, and how to achieve our integration.

We just went live with a connection using ESI to our Oracle ERP system. It awas a lengthy implementation that had lots of challenges. Many of these were internal issues and data integrity issues.

Hi Stephen,

Is it the JD Edwards platform from Oracle?

Witch version of Windchill are you using? And witch database Oracle or MS-SQL?

Do you have a two way connection?

I tought Windchill on Oracle database would be easier to connect to Oracle ERP system.

Thanks for your answers, it will help me in the evaluation process of our next ERP.


We are on Oracle E-Business suite, not JDE.

We are Windchill 9.1 with Oracle for the database, it shouldn't matter which database you use for Windchill since the communication is not database to database.

We do not pass information back from Oracle to Windchill to be persisted. We do have reports that will present Oracle information in Windchill but it is not persisted in Windchill (such as cost, lead time, etc.)

If you are evaluating systems, I've heard that SAP has the best integration with Windchill.

Hi Marc,

We (BAE Systems Platform Solutions) have had Windchill integrated with Oracle ERP since 2002. We

are using PTC's ESI product for the interface. We did have to customize it somewhat. And as others

have noted, integrating PDM and ERP is never a walk in the park...We did a presentation our Windchill

to Oracle integration using ESI several years ago (2006) at PTC/User. You can get a copy at I believe, or drop me an email and I can send you a copy if you would like.


Hi Ron,

Very insteresting, I would really appreciate if you can send me the presentation. I can't find it on the WEB.



Ron, thank you very much!

This is helpful!


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Could you please upload this file ("" - PTC/User presentation on Windchill to Oracle ERP integration using ESI. From 2006. Includes a movie) again?


Sure, see attached. After 12 years it is a bit dated though.

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We have successfully implemented the integration between Windchill (PLM) and SAP (ERP) through Java Connector, we remove the ptc recommended SAP Adaptor and remove the server dedicately running for SAP Adaptor in Windchill 6.2.6 version. Try this ....

Best of luck

Hi Suresh,

I have a requirement for Windchill integration with SAP ERP. Can you please share your thoughts how you were able to acheive the same. Have you used SAP XI/PI middelware interfaces based on SOAP?

Please suggest.