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Windchill Server Crashed. All folder based backup with us. one month older Oracle dump with us.


Windchill Server Crashed. All folder based backup with us. one month older Oracle dump with us.

Hi All,

Our Windchill 8.0 M040 server was crashed last week,

we restore the server by using one month old Oracle backup, in this case we loose one months data. but same time we have all folder based backup with us.

is any method to restore the system from folder based backup.

We have

PTC folder backup.

OCU folder backup.

Vaults backup.

LDAP backup.

Please help us to restore the system with latest data at the time of crash.

Thanks a lot.

Vivek Uchekar.


Hello Vivek,

I think from OCU folder, the database backup can be taken (I'm still not sure), but my understanding about windchill says that everything in the database is stored under OCU folder. Better to contact Oracle Support for it.

Please correct me if I'm wrong or you get any input from Oracle on this.

Good luck with this.


Hi Vivek,

Where are you based?

Gavin Quinlan

Concurrent Engineering


Hi Gavin.


i am at pune ,india.



So... you have backups of everything (servlet engine/web server/ldif/vault) but the latest database dump? Is your database in the ocu folder? A typical install will put it there, but we don't know your config so we can't guess.

In my experience, Windchill generally doesn't need anything in the registry (windows machine?).

If running Aphelion, you'll probably have to run the installer and import your ldifs. Use the same credentials.

Restore the file system with the original paths.

Make sure you have all of your aliases in your hosts file.

Make backups of your backups.

Get a DBA involved. It sounds like your problem is the DB. You may need some Oracle services running (or even installed) on the new machine.

Try to start WC

Thanks Matthew,

We have all file based backup.



OCU-- our database in ocu.

we try this below method but not success.

1. install Aphelion -- Replace PTCLdap Database folder by old one. -- Aphelion started.

2. Install oracle with same folder structure.

3. Rename old OCU to OCU_old.

4. Install OCU with same location and with same SID.

5. New installed OCU communicate with New Oracle.

6. we rename the new OCU to OCU_new.

7. Rename old OCU i.e. OCU_old to OCU.

8. now in this case OCU have to communicate with new Installed oracle, but it not communicating withit.

If we estabilish communication between Orignal OCU to new Oracle then we will success.

but we are not able to make connection.

i think there is some mistake in our method, so please help us to resolve it.



I'm not sure. I don't have an OCU folder to look. Try comparing your ocu folders for config differences with something like Beyond Compare ( - not a plug, I just like their compare tool). When comparing, open Session/Session Settings/Comparison tab and uncheck Compare file size, uncheck Compare timestamps. Check compare contents, and probably do a crc comparison.

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