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Windchill mksapi-jar support for JDK 11 ?


Windchill mksapi-jar support for JDK 11 ?


could you give me a hint ... I am looking for a table to see,
which mksapi.jar version requires/supports which JDK  version / is used for testing by PTC.

I ask because we are not sure if JDK 8 is required/supportet or if we can also use JDK 11..


We use Windchill .v12.4 and access its API via mksapi-jar-4.16.2671.jar .


Thanks for your support.



Windchill Software Matrices | PTC


From that document, only 11.0.11 is the tested release.

Java 8 was good for all release of Windchill 11.x.

Thanks a lot for your fast response with the linked  Windchill Software Matrices | PTC , That's what I was looking for!


I would interpret
if  *Java (JDK 11.0.11 )  is a required component for the Windchill server" 
I shall also it, when I access the server API via mksapi-jar-4.16.2671.jar.
Means I shall prefer JDK 11 and do not use JDK 8


Thanks in advance!

Sorry just noticed: I need to add:
We use Windchill  RV&S  v12.5  and access its API via mksapi-jar-4.16.2671.jar .


Unfortunately RV&S is not mentioned in Windchill Software Matrices | PTC but other Windchill products ... right?



In most cases the underlying Windchill is the same, just the application is different built on the base Windchill toolkit.

I would think that all Windchill 12 products would then require JAVA 11.0.11+.

hm - it seams to be a difficult think. I found Windchill® RV&S 12 Product Platforms,-d-,0/Integrity_L...
in chapter "Java Support":
only Java JRE v8 Editions are supported for the Windchill® RV&S 12 server.


Well the server, but there is nothing written about
what Java-Version shall be used for the mksapi-jar for API access to the Server  ...


I also could not find anything in the Java-doc of the mksapi-jar  , what java was used for testing it 😕

My suggestion is to open a help desk ticket and ask that question. TS should know what JAVA version is required.