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BOM and &rpt.index issue


BOM and &rpt.index issue

A few days ago I noticed Solidworks 2013 came to a very nice thing. When making an assembly drawing one can number (arrange) BOM ballons sequentially on the drawing and things get automatically re-arranged in the table. I think they are the first one with this option.


CREO doesn't have this option, or is there a catch?



My other question is: I'm using &rpt.index in my table as a part position number. So, I need the position number in part drawings. Is there a possibility to read index into part drawings as a parameter?

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yes, u can pre-define a parameter in part model which u can call in part drawing and also use it in BOM for ur indexing or ballooning. if u want more on this plz reply i can make a video tutorial for this.

Thanks and Regard
- Dalbeer

yes, I understand that. But I use rpt.index to give parts position numbers in assemblies. This is due the same parts go in different assemblies. I just want to "extract" this number to a part drawing.

If I give a position number to every part as a separate parameter it can cause problems in different assemblies. f.e. I have a part and give him position - number 10 and put this part into assembly which has only 7 positions. I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain.


You can load the assembly into your part drawing then after placing the repeat region you can simply fix the region index and then filter out everything except for the part in the drawing.

That way you will get only one line of your BOM with the &rpt.index RR parameter.

You still should consider the user defined model parameter suggested here, such as SORT, that will give you better control over the indexes.

I have faced similar problem, in a drawing there are assmeblies and bom with component marking through rpt index, and in the detail view of each component we can not have the automatic component marking. This is probably due to our view importing method. We placed a assembly and again placed the component of drawing assemblies as a new drawing model so it becomes independent.

You can use component parameters in an assembly instead of &rpt.index. They are only valid in the assembly in which they were created.


Thnx for this help. It will not be automatic however, solves my problem.

Hello, can you please describe how to add component parameters?

Actually, I do not understand how could this help solving my issue. I tryed to make part drawing of your demo model as a new sheet and automatically 'extract' the position number by putting the word &asm.mbr.cparam.pos in the table. But nothing happens. It is the same as with the &rpt.index. Am I doing something wrong?

thank you

I think you can have only one BOM of your assembly in your drawing. Try a new drawing.


No, I can have, but that is not a question. I just want to take the position index as a parameter and show it in the table of part drawing.

Go to assembly file-> open parameter box> select component in the look in parameter box> then select the specific compent on which u need to add a component parameter, create same parameter but give different value like indexing, 1,2,3 for each parts according to order. Now in the drawing mode repeat region, select assembly cparam, user definedand type the name of ur created component parameter, so that you can retrieve ur parameter

Hope it solves ur problem. Also Please download and look the files shared by REINHARD NUECKEL


Jayanta Sarkar

Oh, I get it. In this way I can call out that parameter in part drawings. This would probably be the semi-automatic way

The problem remains because I cannot choose specific component from the Look In menu:

Do you know why?

U can choose specific component by the arrow on the right side click on it and select the part. It is working fine on my system.

OK, thank you. I managed to do that.

But still, I cannot get this parameter in the part drawing table. What should I put in the table?

(in assembly it goes like this: &asm.mbr.cparam.NAME_OF _THE_PARAMETER)

syntax: &asm.mbr.cparam. parameter name.

I think that we still do not understand. Please look at the drawing in att.

As per your attached files, in the drawing mode you have selected part file as drawing model so region can not be repeated. Please go through with files I have attached. As you set assembly as drawing model and place a view. Then place repeat region it works.


Jayanta Sarkar

Yeah right. You didn't do anything else Mr.REINHARD NUECKEL already did. You just opened a new sheet and put in the assembly again. Please put the position number into the part drawing table.

This what you just did -is the same as with the rpt.index. It doesn't help at all. It doesn't solve my problem. I'm not sure do you understand my question or you just do not know the answer. Anyway, thank you for trying. But, if you cannot help, please do not waste my time.

I think you cannot use the BOM position number in the part drawing simply because this part can be used in another assembly, with another BOM, with this part in another position...

So how can Pro/E know which position to use?

Am I clear enough?

Yes, I think that also. But, I hoped that somebody knows how to do it. My logic tells me, if this is parametric modelling, there should be a way how to "catch" the rpt.index (f.e. as a parameter from the specific file).

Maybe some similar logic as in MS Excel tables. Cell names are the same, but there are sheet names and file names. So, it can be combined.

I don't know. But I know that many people have similar problems and I didn't find a better way than putting the position number "by hand". This is a big problem for me and my personal opinion is that some other 3D modelling software understands this problems better and is much more customer-oriented.

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Refer PTC case,




Could you please provide a link to that case?

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