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CREO 1.0 Simulations Features


CREO 1.0 Simulations Features

Now that creo 1.0 has been released,

can someone confirm the following new features, ( I had that from people in PTC):

"In Creo 1, Mechanica is receiving a large number of functionality and usability enhancements. These include:

Generalization of Nonlinear analyses:

  • LDA with Contact
  • LDA with Plasticitiy
  • LDA with axi-symmetry
  • LDA enforced UCS displacements
  • Nonlinear spring stiffness
  • General methodology of ordering loads in Nonlinear analyses
  • Temp dependent conductivity (nonlinear thermal)
  • Temp dependent convection coefficients (nonlinear thermal)
  • Gray body radiation conditions (nonlinear thermal)

More general Structural Temperature Load (non-uniform, different base temps, etc.)

Enhanced and generalized Base excitation capabilities for dynamic analyses (time, frequency, random)

vonMises stress calculations in dynamic random analysis

Animation of Dynamic Frequency results

Enhancement of the model and UI of Fasteners

Automatic definition of “bolt preload” for solids

Traveling heat loads

Mapped meshing capabilities (on quilts and solids)

Automatic techniques for meshing thin structures

Default results templates for Studies/analysis types

New ribbon UI consistent with all Creo apps"

is all that true?..where we can get more infomation.

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