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Easy parameter editing

21-Topaz II

Easy parameter editing

WF2, M220 / WF3, M200 / WF4, M100


Back in 2001, I set up some default start parts for common things that we configure and created 3D notes in them to display parameter values to edit that would change the configuration of those parts.  It worked great, by double clicking on the parameter in the note you could edit the value.  This made it easy to change 5-6 or six parameters of maybe 25 in a part to drive its geometry.

This hasn't worked since WF, double clicking the note doesn't allow one to edit those parameter values.  You have to go into the parameter dialog and wade through the 25 or so parameters to find the 5 that need to be configured.  It's much, much harder and easy to change other things that you don't want to.  I set this up to make it easier for my users (and me) to configure these items and most of that designed in ease is gone now.

I'm hoping that someone can tell me how I edit a parameter in a note on screen or how I can get access to only those 5 parameters to make this easier again.  (I'm sure there are 3rd party tools to help this, and please let me know if there are, but I'm really hoping for a native Pro|E solution)


Doug Schaefer

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Hi Doug,

Select the 3D Note and RMB to Value.

2. Use the old style modify menu with a mapkey:
mapkey mm #modify;#value
So press mm and then select the driven 3D Note, change the value
and select the next driven 3D note.
When finished press Done.

You could also use this option to get the old Parameter UI back:
and create a mapkey to change those 5 parameters.
That way you force your users to think about every parameter.
In the example below I use the mapkeys toun and toun to load a
config which disables resp. enables this option.

mapkey tpm @MAPKEY_LABELModify Std Parameters;\
mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_NAMEModify Std Parameters (mapkey
mapkey(continued) %toun;~ Command
mapkey(continued) #MODIFY;#DESCRIPTION;\
mapkey(continued) #MODIFY;#ENGINEER;\
mapkey(continued) #MODIFY;#CREATE_DATE;\
mapkey(continued) #MODIFY;#TREATMENT;\
mapkey(continued) #Done/Return;%touy;

This all this still works in WF5.

P.S. Raphael, if you're reading this. Don't forget to keep supporting
all these nice old style menu's. They prove to be very handy some times.

Olaf Corten
CAD/PLM Manager, Besi Competence Center - Other Business Applications
Fico BV, Ratio 6, 6921 RW Duiven, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 26 3196215

There was a a small error in the tpm mapkey. it's now fixed 😉

You could add a (Pro/)program to the part, which asks for the parameter values when regenerating:

  "enter the length in mm"

However, this can be annoying if regenerating an assembly with a lot of those parts...

For even more comfort, try to use WebLink to edit parameters using a HTML form in the internal browser. This would allow help texts, selection of predefined values etc.

You can create a custom model tree.cfg view and show the 5 parameters in
there then edit in the tree. You will need to add this tree.cfg file to your file. And if you bring up the assembly of all these parts you
can edit all of them at the same time in the assembly model tree view.


I have edited parameters for many parts within an assembly using this method. It worked great, and in my case another bonus was that many of the partsneeded the same value in a parameter. I was able to copy and paste within the tree. It ended up being a very efficient way to accomplish the task at hand.

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