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Enable Renaming of Parameters


Enable Renaming of Parameters

Currently (WF2) if I make a mistake and call my parameter Ferd instead of Fred, I cannot rename it. I have to delete it and create it again. However, if I delete it, I have trouble with the releations that use it.

Surely, it would be reasonably straightforward to be able to change the name.

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Parameters can be renamed using ModelCHECK by configuring check (*.mch) and start (*.mcs) files, as:

  1. Open "PTC ModelCHECK configuration tool",
    • For Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Elements/Pro: Select Tools > Configure ModelCHECK.
    • For Creo Parametric 1.0: Select File > Options > Select Environment in "Creo Parametric Options" dialog box > Select"ModelCHECK settings".
  2. Expand Configuration Settings > Check Files > Select appropriate check file and set PARAM_RENAME to E for required mode >Select Save.
  3. Expand Configuration settings > Start Files > Select appropriate Start file > Add Row > Select Added row > Set Select Item Typeto appropriate option > Set Select Type of start item to Rename Parameters > Enter existing parameter name for From Name >Enter New parameter name for To Name> Save > Close
  4. Analyze data using ModelCHECK,
    • For Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Elements/Pro: Select Analysis > ModelCHECK > Select appropriate mode.
    • For Creo Parametric 1.0: Select File > Prepare > Select appropriate mode for ModelCHECK
  5. After completing analysis, select "Parameter Rename Specifications" in embedded browser > Select parameters to be renamed > Rename or Rename All

Hi John,

Thanks for the input. Renaming Parameters is planned for future releases.


Hi Moshe Jacob Baum,

do you know for wihich release the renaming of Parameters is planned?


It would be really nice to change the parameter type too.  In some cases designated parameters are defined as the wrong type.  Check In to Windchill fails because Windchill is expecting a 'String' and Creo has it defined as a 'Real Number', 'Boolean' or something else.  The only solution today is to record the value, delete the parameter and recreate the parameter with the appropriate type.  It would be really nice to just change the type from 'Real Number' to 'String' and check in.

23-Emerald II

This has been under consideration for 3 So in my opinion, there is some programing impossibility here or someone has forgotten what they were working on when they went on vacation and came back and started a new or the other.

I think Moshe Baum‌ should consider removing the "for future consideration" or maybe an update on the progress or something????

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