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Entering text in a note on a drawing.

23-Emerald II

Entering text in a note on a drawing.

I am in the process of testing a Stream Deck XL for improvements in office automation. A large ECO needs a note added. I put the text in Stream Deck so that when I open the text dialogue box it would enter the text.


Here is the text:



Here is what I end up with in Creo.




Is this a font issue or something else?

If I copy and paste it from another drawing, or even from the text in the stream deck it works.






23-Emerald II

Could be a formatting issue with embedded characters in the Stream Deck file. I know Word files do not always cut and paste directly as they contain embedded control characters in their formatting.


do you mean following device ? 

Martin Hanák


Yes, that the devise. I use it for live streaming at my church and can call camera presets, scenes, publish them to the stream.

I was thinking that it might be useful at work and wanted to try it out on a couple of things: Creo, MasterCAM, Excel, ....


That was my first attempt with Creo. It seemed like a relatively simple task.





NOTHING is ever a "Simple Task" in Creo...🤣🤣🤣

Laughing HARD at this. You have to be a Creo Guru to have a "simple task".

I recommend putting the text into a mapkey and having the stream deck trigger the mapkey. Or you can run the mapkey from your keyboard.... Or a full secondary keyboard. I made some setup files to do it buts it's much more to learn and more software. Hidmacros and autohotkey. Shame I can't install on my Work computer or I'd develop script for it more.


You can also append/add text from from a file. Which again can be setup to trigger from a mapkey. 

Elgato asked to check it out in other software.

Word works

Excel works

Office works

Draftsight works

ProCam works.


But not Creo. Neither in a text box or at the command prompt.

I have a SD XL, and it works fine for map keys.
I'm using this.
It paste all my boring map keys...
Even with "Enter Key" so several Map keys...


Sorry, screenshot is in French...


Thank you,
But what do you mean about :

"Elgato asked to check it out in other software.

Word works

Excel works

Office works"


I can't find and understand...

I went on their help sight and filled out a form. It was a year and a half ago, so I do not remember the specifics.


I recently came across a plug-in software for "typing" because I found out that Elgato actually copies and paste but doesn't type.

The software is for Mac's so I can get extra things to work at church. I haven't found one yet for Windows.

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