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Hide pipe center line in drawing


Hide pipe center line in drawing

Using Creo 5.0 and no matter what i do i cant seam to hide the solid pipe center line after making pipes in the model using the piping tool. I tried PIPE_SOLID_CENTERLINE and set it to no. That made no change. I hid all the piping lines and that makes no difference. The only way I can hide the center line of the pipes in my drawings is to hide the Solid pipes them self. There are many drawings i want to see the solid pipe just not the center line. I'm at a loss that should be an easy setting to change.  Please help.




There are a few things you need to do to make sure the pipe centerlines don't show up: 


  1. Set configuration option pipe_solid_centerline to no  (to pipe part)
  2. Set drawing setup option hlr_for_pipe_solid_cl to yes (to piping feature, hide the pipe part and check the centerline of piping feature)

You might also have to take a look at your layer settings in both your 2D drawing and your 3D model.

More details here:


The other thing you might have to do would be to check the properties you are using in your drawing view: 




Hope this helps!! 


James Sullivan

President & Founder
CadActive Technologies -

Thank you James Sullivan. This worked perfectly which I find to be a rare occurrence when searching for help on Creo issues. Note: made config changes but wasn't until I changed HLR edge display quality from follow environment to low did the centerlines disappear from the drawing.


Jay - Creo 6.05.

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