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Placing cross/4-way branch fittings with Spec-driven piping.


Placing cross/4-way branch fittings with Spec-driven piping.

Fellow ProENGINEER/CREO users,

I'm having the following issue(s):

  • How to route a pipeline so that a proper 4-way branch connection is made?
  • How to place/configure a 4-way branch fitting in combination with spec-driven piping?

I've allready searched the entire (for as far as that is possible) PTC Knowledgebase and PTC help-files, there is however no documentation on how to even route a 4-way branch connection.

Examples/explanations that use non-spec driven piping are also of help!



If there is more information needed please let me know!

Thanks in Advance,

With Kind Regards,

Hein van den Broek

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Some extra information about the fitting I used:

PORT0, PORT1, PORT2 and PORT3 coordinate systems are available. (I asume they are in the correct orientation/order)

PORT0 coordinate system has the following feature parameters:

  • SIZE = DN005

Component has the following parameter:



These all correspond with the spec-driven piping configuration file parameters.

T-fittings (3-way branch fittings) work like a charm by the way.


I am sorry to say Spec piping does not currently support cross T's

Thanks, Jim

In non-spec-driven piping you can branch from another pipeline to the current one (e.g. with perpendicular option).

You can do the same with a third pipeline from the other side, so you will get a kind of four-way.

You can still add fittings to the branch points, but your 4-way will have to be added as a T-branch.

I am not aware of any issue with this kind of design, but I also can't say, whether there are none.


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