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Small detail UDF failure


Small detail UDF failure

Hi, using Creo 7.

I am creating a number of user-defined features, but have discovered that small details such as a round R0.1 will not import over... Any work around or what might I missing?


Happens with both stand alone and subordinate. Happens using round or as part of the hole design. 


Some kind of tolerance or accuracy setting maybe? The UDF subordinate part is just fine, but as soon as I want to use the UDF it gives me a failure on regeneration on the rounding part. 




23-Emerald II

This sound like an accuracy issue in the part you are using the UDF in.

Go to FILE - Prepare - model properties - accuracy - change. 

Save BEFORE you make accuracy changes. Changing accuracy can cause unexpected model failures. Also can cause longer regen times.

You would be wise to research accuracy in Creo.

If you are using relative accuracy, small features in large parts can be an issue, but absolute accuracy doesn't have that issue.

Again, education is the key.


I have seen this before, PTC has an SPR assigned to a similar issue. Please call PTC tech support and reference this SPR# which I filed in Creo 3 in 2016, they have not fixed the issue and closed the case. If more people log the issue, it is more likely to get attention. In my case it is not an accuracy issue.


This is the last update from PTC on the issue:

"This case has been reassigned to me as the previous TSE, Tejas is no longer at PTC. It looks like you requested a status update a couple months ago as there had been no status update since late 2016. The SPR has had some progress but not recently. The development team working on it had identified where the regeneration is not occurring but has not made any changes to code or suggestions on how to proceed."


Reported to R&D as SPR 5777992

This is the current status:




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I believe you might be right given that the original UDF subordinate part has no issues. 

At least I managed to find a work around after some more troubleshooting. 


By finding the extact round that's giving me trouble and incorpirating it in the hole sketch I can avoid the regeneration failure. 

But I'll still contact PTC and let them know of the issues as you suggested. 

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