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creo crash when creating pvz file


creo crash when creating pvz file

ive searched, and cant find a solution.  creo 3.0 M120 crashes when i try to save as a .pvz file.  the assembly isnt even that large of a file.  any input?

24-Ruby II

Similar question before - "System crash while saving pvz file":


Hello @dgrobe 


You may want to attach the traceback.log probably generated on disk to this post for further review.


Alternatively, you may want to:

  1. Export the impacted object in another neutral format (IGES r STEP for instance
  2. Openthe neutral format as a new model
  3. export it as pvz


If above is useless, and not trabeack in your working directory, as a general rule for this kind of "data specific" questions, it will be difficult to provide further guidance without access to the impacted data. Considering above:

  • If data can be shared with the cmmunity, feel free to attach it here with a reply to this post
  • If not, we suggest you to open a case with PTC Technical Support who will also need access to the data for this test (but data won't be shared here with the community)
  • For info, if data is very confidential, just for info, PTC TS has also access to a secured process named NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement), built for data sharing purpose on a very secured ftp server