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"Compressed" Fastener library


"Compressed" Fastener library

Since Creo Parametric comes by default without fastener or standard parts library most of us had to download/make those by our self. Major problem is that you have to download different part for different standard and size so in the end you end up with huge pile of files. And every time you start new assembly you have to add those parts in given folder or use link to library via Last few years I`ve made lets say "compressed" fastener library made up of only 3 files/parts. Basicly you have screw,nut and washer part and each one is actualy one big family of parts.

So now you can just copy these 3 in working folder and you are done.


Supported standards and dimensions of fasteners are given in PDF file.

All fasteners are given with cosmetic thread by default but real thread can be turned on by unsuppresing "NAVOJ"(Bolt) or "FIZICKI NAVOJ"(Nut) in model tree.


Unfortunately I was too lazy to translate features or parameters from Serbian to English but then again I would have to do it every time I update these parts and enlarge family tables. Also versions of these fasteners I use myself have more standards(Luftnormen for example) in them  but i can`t give those.


Hope you find these usefull...


More standards have been added and some corrections of mistakes found in prior version.




6.7.2014 Update


I enlarged library last time for Creo 2.0 version. On 3.0 fasteners come by default so its a bit redundant except for maybe illustrations because of 3D thread.




4.8.2014 Update


Countersink bolts/screws had incorrect lenghts - corrected now. Placement interface works now for CS bolts and normal ones fine.


17.12.2014 Update


Corrected lenght for DIN97.

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This part couldn't open in cero 1.0, how is it"??

Unfortunately its Creo 2.0 part . As I enlarged library I switched from 1.0 to 2.0 and had to save in new format.

ok no problem ...i also switched 1.0 to 2.0...

so well done job...thanx...!!

'Morning Davor.  So, these are 3 family tables then?  I;ve made extensive tables for fasteners here, and in some case, there are hundreds of fasteners in the table, for all different bolt lengths.  I have a family for hex socket cap screws, hex head bolts, cross recess flat head screws, etc.  I decided to break up the different head types into different tables, because of the head geometry (didn't want to have to go turning things on and off in an already cumbersome table) and the fact that the threaded length is different on different screws.  I modeled mine per the ASME inch specs, including min and max threaded length so you can see if your grip length is correct.  I used cosmetic threads in all cases because I didn't think doing read threads was worth the effort or the perfomance hit.

Is this basically the approach you took?  I'd love to see the models, and have downloaded the zip file (thanks!) but as I'm still on WF5/creo I can't access them.

Hi Frank,

I use cosmetic thread also but you can unsuppres the physical thread if you want for render or for illustrate purposes. In PDF provided obviously I used physical thread because it looks better. Threaded lenght is diffrent depending on standard and partial thread version of bolt. I didnt divide my bolts/nuts/washers into smaler files/groups because files are still small even with >1000 fasteners in them ~3Mb also its easy to change bolt/nut type in assembly this way.


thanks Davor....

Obrigado Davor!

Davor Garnic.

Do u have the tables in english?

Еh, no. Cuz I need them in my language and dont wana waste time renaming stuff.

Feel free to rename them and post it.

Ahh to bad.

Naa its to mutch work for me.

but great job,