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Checking in third party files that already exist in Cabinets


Checking in third party files that already exist in Cabinets

Hello, All:

We're still getting used to the new file system structure in Creo
2.0/Windchill 10, and we've encountered a new situation; we need advice on
the best way to handle this.

Our components are to be attached to a main frame that is being designed by
a third party. We have an assembly where the third party frame is the first
component, and we've put our components into the same assembly, but have not
used any references to said frame - everything is assembled using the
default assembly datums as the only references. We have received an updated
frame from the third party vendor and I am ready to check the new frame in,
but its components that already exist in our cabinets are showing a circle
with a line through it which, when moused over, says, "Modifications Not
Eligible for Upload," and a warning symbol that says, "Warning: This object
is modified but not checkedout."

There are a number of ways to handle this, and we would like to hear from
those of you who are experienced with this new system as to the best way to
fix our problem. The two methods we have thought of thus far are 1) have an
administrator log in and force check the components in, or 2) get a list of
the files (there are 823 objects, only 278 of which are new), delete the
existing ones from the Cabinets and delete the frame from the top assembly,
then check the new version in normally and reassemble the new frame to the
top level. I'm sure there are other ways to handle this, and am interested
in learning about any others that might be better for our situation, and
pros and cons of the two methods described above.

Thanks in advance for any practical advice offered!



Applied Research Labs

University of Texas at Austin

Carol Fly

Mechanical Designer

(512) 835-3397

Fax (512) 835-3259


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If you check out (from WC) their files to a clean workspace, you can
then import (import command or manually browse and open in proe then
save) the files into your workspace. They will then indicate modified,
but not new.

IF the third party is not using a PDM system and you can get them to
work in a 'workspace' then you can take that workspace from above, and
export it using the portable workspace. They can then import the
workspace, work on it etc, then when they want to give you updates, all
they do is export it, you import it to your workspace (which you keep
around and is locked). The workspace will then tell you what files are
new and which are modified etc.

Dan Harlan
Mechanical Engineer / CAD Administrator
480.940.0036 x178 Office
480.940.0039 Facsimile

481 N. Dean Avenue
Chandler, AZ 85226


Hi Carol,
You need to connect the new CAD files to the ones already existing in Commonspace.
In your case the easiest is to mark all components in the Workspac and use the Update function. This will connect them to models in Commonspace with the same Number.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen


I agree with Bjarne's method, but I believe when you do this you will want to make sure that, in the final confirmation dialog, each component you are updating has a status set to re-use (recycle-logo like triangle) and not download (bold downward pointing arrow). If it is set to download, Windchill will download and replace your workspace component with the Commonspace version - exactly opposite of the desired intent. That's my experience with 9.1, but it may be different in 10.
Chris Pipe<">mailto:->
Eng. Sys. Analyst


I don't know how your process works, but in my workplace we have Change
Orders CO's or ECO's as they are commonly known. These tell you what to do.
Add a hole, enlarge a pin, stuff like that. Well if I have stuff in
workspace with the little recycle triangle that means I will be using the
stuff from the uncontrolled import. This means I will be updating parts to
the database. You don't just blindly do that. IF the CO says those parts
change then yes, but also check to see if the change was implemented. If
not then make sure the items get downloaded. If you then open the drawing
and it works fine and then you perform the download and now the drawing
does not work, then you gotta talk to the funny guy who gave you the files.
Take a big stick with you. Its just to scare the guy, don't go too far.
Then tell him/her "Hey did you modify these things? How come they are not
on the CO? finally ask if he filled out his TPS report.

But if your process is to create change orders and then not follow them at
all and to the letter, go ahead, throw in extra tires, extra washers, extra
lazers. Let the hardware guy modify the laser, he probably knows best
because he knows pro/e. Hey maybe that nuclear reactor will finally work
thanks to the guy who does the surfacing for your company. Most of the time
however you get a design that slowsly drifts away from perfection and that
no one really knows with certainty if its all correct. Thanks in the most
to people who do not follow instructions and people who let things through.

So careful with those little triangles and download arrows, they mean
stuff. They got a useful purpose.

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