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Eigenvectors or vibrating modes from CREO Simulate


Eigenvectors or vibrating modes from CREO Simulate



I am running a modal analysis of some componentes on PTC CREO Simulate. But the results produced by the simulation are only the natural frequencies (eigenvalues) and a graphic representation of the natural modes.


However I need a matrix with the eigenvectors of the problem. I am sure that there is a routine inside the Simulate that produces this information (otherwise, how could the program display a graphic representation of the modes?). Do anyone know if it's possible to extract the numerical matrix from the simulation analysis?


Thank you!


You had posted in the Mathcad section of this forum.

You should ask a mod to move your question over to the Creo forum.



yes, of course


I really appreciate your help, my friends. Especially skunks and sweetpeahub, thank you!


I did what you suggested and the files are here for each of the 12 modes I have requested from the simulation.


Now my question is about the results. The default result is a text file with 4 rows. Can you help me to interpret these results? What means each one of the rows?

See the reference document.



h-node ID, vector(X, Y, Z)


Displacements doComputeMaxMag dontNormalize 7 7 0 -1.000000E+00 3.552309E+02
16182 8.994347E+01 3.461115E+01 -9.662632E-01
5572 9.172775E+01 3.529779E+01 -9.854165E-01



h-node ID, node location (X, Y, Z)

h-nodes 40025
16182 1.879850E+03 -1.320951E+03 1.601173E+03
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5572 1.880184E+03 -1.321894E+03 1.598402E+03
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Once again, I really appreciate your help, my friends!


But now I need to build mass, stiffness and damping matrices from CREO results or even extract them from CREO analysis. Do you know someway to do it?


Thank you,


Looking at *.pas file using notepad++. you will find that no file is written of such sizes.  The largest file written for this example was the *.s01 with a size of 265MB.  (of course depends on result plotting grid)

note: # of elements * average element matrix size = size of element file





Until / if ever / CREO supports submodelling or other such matrix element capability, I doubt they will have any matrix exporting option... for many good reasons.


Based on the types of questions you have, I suggest looking at some other software than CREO for your research.


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