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Is it a .obj meshable in simulate?


Is it a .obj meshable in simulate?


I imported a .OBJ file into Creo, I would to do a FEM analysis but Simulate is reporting that can't mesh it. The idealization button is gray out also.

Thank you.


First, you'd probably get better answers if you asked this in the actual Simulate section of the Forums. Those guys make a living doing this stuff.

Second, without an idea what your model is, it's pretty hard to have a clue as to what might be the trouble. Maybe the surfaces are non-manifold? Maybe there are small features like fillets that are not meshable? Maybe the surfaces are self-intersecting?

Third, just knowing it "can't mesh it" is not enough detail to understand anything. It's the generic error message for just about any model that is failing.



Sorry for my late answer, I will attach the model.




Thank you for yo

The files above are educational version files.  If you could export the file to iges I could take a quick look.

The has the original .obj file (it was exported from another software).

I would guess that this is not a supported function. The mesher is depending on a particular geometry definition, which I expect is NURBS. To work from a different modeling type would require a large amount of work. This is particularly true for the p-mesh system. It's more likely that NASTRAN or ANSYS will be a better match for the h-element type that would map better to the triangular mesh of OBJ.

I believe correct. I was able to shrink-wrap the .OBJ file to create a solid model that would allow me to apply loads and constraints to model. When I try to assign a material file the system goes into an endless loop and I end up having to kill the session.


Recommend seeing if you can have the file provided in a step or iges file format. Those file formats will be easier to work with less overhead.



Don Anderson

Of course I can do the sphere in Creo, I am just testing another modeling software. So, it is not meshable and that's all? Any important aspects while trying to import objects into Creo, can someone give me some tips?

Thank you!



I like Lansdale. I see you've posted a bit from him before, which I committed to my Wiki from your comment here:


Re: Panasonic Toughbook Model

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